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Tantric Explorations Brings a Higher Plane of Sexual Ecstasy

Practice Awareness

Instead of rushing through pleasure, let yourself slowly become aware of every part of your body and how it feels when your partner touches you. It helps to move through your body in sections, starting from your toes to your ankles right up to your neck and face and the tips of your ears. Take note of everything from the way your skin feels to the temperature of the room. Caress, kiss, and otherwise touch your partner and have him or her touch you, but slowly, and in places of your body other than just the typical erogenous zones. Try touching your partner’s neck, or stomach, or thighs. Don’t worry about being aroused. Just let that come naturally as you appreciate your partner’s body fully. You can even try implementing body oil or a massage.

Maintain Arousal

As Tantric sex is about being orgasmic rather than working toward having an orgasm, one technique you and your partner may try is coming close to orgasm, then letting your arousal plateau before you go over the edge. Then build it up again. Doing this intensifies the sexual energy that you and your partner are generating. Every time you reach the edge and pull back, you heighten your arousal. This is also a good way to develop self control, and ultimately makes your orgasm much more intense when you finally finish.

Sex is fun, but Tantra promises to take lovers to a higher plane of ecstasy. It’s about awaking sexual energy, exploring your senses, and finding a deeper connection with your partner. By taking the focus away from climaxing, Tantra can help partners experience sex in a more holistic way. It’s also something that needs to be learned and practiced over time. But hey, it isn’t such a bad a way to spend a Saturday night!

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