LoveTV Founder and CEO to Address iDate International Dating Conference

Next week, the 15th annual Internet Dating Conference kicks off in Del Rey Beach, Florida and LoveTV founder and CEO Karinna Karsten will be delivering a must see speech.

“I will be speaking about creating reoccurring revenue long after your dating user has left,” Karsten said in a video promoting the speech, which is scheduled for Thursday, January 25 at 2:30 p.m.

Karinna Karsten LoveTV CEO

Since 2004, iDate has been a leading conference for executives in the dating industry, managing companies dedicated to helping people find love. Whether it’s matchmaking, dating, app dating, niche dating and social media, the iDate conference gives experts an opportunity to tell their own stories of how they’ve helped create personal connections, relationships, and lasting love in the era of technology.

According to the conference site, leaders in the field will discuss ways to increase traffic and conversations and how to improve and bring about a new generation of ideas.

“I will also be detailing how we can repackage the biggest pain-points for our dating customers to create greater dating brand success,” Karsten explained. “Simple wins to have your dating customer stay loyal to your dating brand. And, lastly, how to transform churning dating customers from pessimists to evangelists.”

The 2018 conference will be heavily focused on new technologies that are important for running a dating business for the millennial generation. According to the iDate site, executives can walk through cutting edge techniques specifically for the internet era of dating. Using a “take the ball and run with it” approach, this isn’t the place for introductions and business philosophy. The conference will give specific tools for leaders in the field to come away with expert ideas and strategies for moving forward.

Over the course of three days, featured speakers include leaders in companies like eHarmony, Spark and EliteSingles, The League, Brainspace, Love Works, LoveQuest, FriendFinder, and more.

LOVE TV empowers your relationships in the digital age and during the iDate conference Karsten will be touting our own site’s successes and challenges that have made us the gathering place for members searching for top relationship experts.

If you’d like to join us at the premier dating conference, you’re welcome to use our special discount code and participate.


Sister Mag showcased RAI, our Sister Company

Swiping through online dating apps to find (almost) Mr. Right is a daily digital routine for singles these days. Karinna Karsten, a relationship expert from Los Angeles, is the CEO and founder of Relationship A.I. A new and very special dating app that is based on tracking technology. Find out in our sisterMAG interview how this app works and why it is very interesting.

Relationship A. I. – Online Dating Reloaded

Why did you create your dating app?

Years spent working as a relationship advisor and CEO of LOVE TV, I addressed the challenges facing millennials in dating, wellness, and building relationships. I came to realise that dating has become increasingly complicated.

Keeping track of your dating life in today’s app-jungle plus real-life encounters has become a full-time job.

The dating industry was coming up with endless dating apps to meet people, but where do you go from there? We need help in our dating activity and making the best choices around our matches.

Relationship A.I. was born from the accumulation of all my data, research and work in the dating industry over the past 10 years.

What makes your dating app different?

Relationship A.I. is a Dating Tracker app. With RAI, users track their dating activity across multiple dating apps and in real life and build smarter relationships. You have probably tracked your steps or calories for health benefits, now you can track your dating activity to make the best relationship choices.

We don’t do the matchmaking part, we are the next step. Once you are interacting with matches on and offline, that is where Relationship A.I. comes into play.

Relationship A.I. helps you manage, evaluate, and coordinate your dating activity so that you can maximise your ROI (Return on Investment) for the time spent dating. Making sense of your dating life is key to creating the relationship you desire.

How would you describe your app in three words?

Advancing Love Intelligently!

How does your app work?

Once you download Relationship A.I. you will be able to add your matches in a few simple clicks, it doesn’t matter if you have one or several matches. Each match interaction is then tracked and evaluated and you can clearly see your dating progression.

You can also share your progress with your friends who can support you. Dating can be hard and people often don’t know where they stand. When users immediately see what is happening in their dating life and where the relationship is going, then they can identify patterns, deal-breakers, and make smarter relationship decisions faster.

Sharing your dating history with your best friends and tracking what happened on each date is also like a little black book and a valuable insight which can be really fun. RAI brings the joy back into dating and away from feeling alone on a dating app journey. Dating users feel more connected and empowered around the process.

Who should use your app?

Anyone who is dating or in a new relationship where they want to track their progress, however many matches they might have. RAI is an essential dating tool for the overall management and optimisation of your personal life. 

How much effort is necessary to use your app?

It’s very quick and easy to get started with Relationship AI. Just add your matches and choose the interactions you have had in a few simple clicks. Plus it helps you schedule your dates by syncing to your calendar.

Then you are on your way to making the best relationship choices for you based on your own real data.  

Is there a secret recipe for successful dating?

Speaking as a relationship expert, the secret recipe to success is gaining greater self-awareness of what is really happening on your dating journey. We might think we know how to date but our decisions are often myopic and based on past experience. What we think may not be true.

We need full transparency in our dating activity. Relationship A.I. gives you an immediate insight into your dating activity and data feedback to help you assess situations with clarity and confidence and move forward to the best individual relationship outcome.

Are there couples that have found each other with your app?

We are just about ready to launch Relationship A.I. While setting up couples is not the goal of our app, using RAI can support our users to create smarter relationships. For the first time, you can have a 360 degree view of your dating life.

Dating is of course just the first step. Do you have any tips for successful relationships? 🙂

Be mindful of the relationship journey as you start out and continue this thinking during the significant milestones of a relationship. RAI helps to support this process in the early stages of a relationship.

Be aware of your patterns and habits, and slipping into default behaviour like being the sole initiator or consistently available for someone who doesn’t show up for you. That doesn’t build up a quality relationship. Continue to develop your self-confidence, autonomy and demonstrate relationship aptitude -the ability to be present, active in building a relationship, sharing, contributing and loving the person you are with. Love is a journey and the greatest adventure worth taking.


Original Article:

Relationship A.I. Helps Singles Track Activity Across Multiple Apps!

As online dating becomes more and more popular it is beginning to have a detrimental impact on millennial singles.

The average dater has upwards of three apps on their phone at any point, and with hundreds of matches on each platform, it is harder than ever for them to keep on top of their love lives.

That’s where Relationship AI comes in. The independent platform is designed to take the stress out of modern dating and makes it considerably less time consuming.

It stores users’ online dating activity in one place and helps them make smarter decisions by tracking all of their interactions, rating their matches and letting them ask friends for advice.

Founder Karinna Karsten created the product after she saw no such tool on the market and wanted to make sure singles have the best possible experience when looking for a romantic partner.

She joined Dom Whitlock on The GDI Podcast to discuss how Relationship AI was created, the specific ways it can help people at any stage of a relationship, and what the online dating industry will look like in the future.

Listen now on Apple PodcastsSpotify and Soundcloud.

Get It Girl Interview with Relationship A.I. Founder, Karinna Karsten

Watch Get It Girl as they interview Relationship A.I. Founder, Karinna Karsten

Learn how Karinna came up with Relationship A.I. tracker app and discover how it will improve your dating life.

Track Your Dating Life. Build Smarter Relationships.

Get It Girl: Welcome to another day of Get It Girl. We have a very cool show for you on today’s Girl Talk. We’re going to speak with the founder of Relationship A.I., Karinna Karsten about the art of loving, because honestly, it’s an art and a science, if you ask me. Yes all of that and more here.

Please welcome, the founder of Relationship A.I., Karinna. How are you?

Karinna: I am fabulous. I’m so happy to be here with you guys.

Get It Girl: Yes you definitely dressed for love.

Karinna: So, Relationship A.I. is a new dating tracking app. So, if you’re actively dating, whether that’s someone you met in person or on an app or more than one app, this is your relationship buddy that you can actually start to make sense of all you’re dating activity, and see your dating progression through adding your matches, adding your interactions and then you evaluate each and every experience from text to a date and we give you data feedback to tell you how well it’s actually going. So, you can make your best relationship decisions.

Get It Girl: We so often just, we tend to just change the facts right? Because we’re emotionally involved. We’re like, but then your app will be like…

Karinna: You can add your friends and they don’t even need to be dating, so that, you can see the process exactly, and they can give you feedback.

Get It Girl: Oh my gosh! Karina, thank you so much. I mean we could talk all day about them.

Karinna: Yes.

Get It Girl: How can people find you online? So, they can learn more about relationship and Love TV.

Karinna: Sure. or


Download Relationship A.I. tracker app.

app store download


Meet Karinna Karsten: Tech, Media and Love Lifestyle Entrepreneur

We had the good fortune of connecting with Karinna Karsten and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Karinna, what role has risk played in your life or career?
I prefer to use the term bravery over risk. It takes bravery and courage to be the authentic you. It takes bravery to start a business and believe in its value before anyone else does. At the same time, it didn’t feel like a risk when I started my business. As a female serial entrepreneur in the lifestyle, tech, and media industry, I have consistently been a trailblazer. I have continued to challenge the status quo of partnership by guiding our audience of members through the rich complexions of building smart, vibrant and healthy relationship lives.

Can you give our readers an introduction to your business? Maybe you can share a bit about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
In 2020, I launched  Relationship A.I. (RAI), our new app on iOS and coming soon to Android. One of the many challenges of COVID is that we are in a crisis of loneliness. RAI helps singles build intimate relationships during the pandemic and beyond. The app can help your social life by making positive dating and relationship decisions. With RAI, daters can evaluate all their dating activity, from text exchanges to video chats to in-person interactions in real-time. We provide dashboard visibility and easy tracking of your dating reflections to learn more about yourself regarding a particular match or matches you are interested in developing further.

RAI Benefits: The ability to organize all your dating and social interactions in one app. Dive deeper into who you are aligned with to develop positive and successful dating and relationship experiences. You can note your first impressions, honor your deal breakers, build clarity, self-awareness, confidence, and monitor and respect your time to create a relationship life you love.
If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
Make a reservation for the Lake Shrine in Pacific Palisades to take a walk and meditate in their sacred garden. Hike in Malibu Canyon and pick up a picnic at Erehwon. See the city from above at Griffith Park Observatory. Visit Bread Bar on Montana Ave in Santa Monica for gluten-free, refined sugar-free amazing goodies!

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
I give thanks to the ancestors I have never met that have been positively influential to my journey. I also thank all the global elders and teachers I have had the fortune to spend days, weeks, and years learning from. They have all nurtured me and inspire my path to this day. I appreciate my colleagues and team that provide their aligned expertise to our business endeavors in significant ways daily. Importantly, I am genuinely grateful for my husband and partner, with whom I enthusiastically live and walk the talk every day.

The Love Machine Podcast with James Preece: Relationship A. I. with Karinna Karsten

Relationship AI with Karinna Karsten

Would You Like To Be Able to Track Your Love Life?

In this new episode, James interviews the amazing Karinna Karsten. She is a celebrity relationship coach and has developed a brand new app called Relationship AI.


With Relationship A.I. you put the power back in your hands to make quick and easy real time evaluations of all your current dating activity and make self-aware, empowering relationship decisions fast

Find out how this app can be useful for both singles and those in relationships.