Social Butterfly …What to Expect When Dating One

4. At happy or sad times, your partner will often want to be with their social support network.

If you are more introverted (gaining your energy from being alone), then it’s important to consciously remind yourself of this point. Keep in mind that your partner’s extroverted nature makes them happiest when sharing experiences with others – often, with many others. This means that they might prefer celebrating their birthday with dozens of their closest friends to enjoying a special evening with just the two of you. And, in difficult times, they may look to buoy themselves up by surrounding themselves with friends and family. So, if someone close to them dies, they might keep busy socially rather than holing up alone to grieve.

5. Find a balance of social time and quiet time as a couple that works for you.

To do this, you must know your personal need for being alone as compared with being with others. Then you must to ensure that your needs are met. Otherwise, you may find that you get swept up in your partner’s activity, leading you further and further away from what feels okay for you, both individually and as a couple. By contrast, you will be much happier if you and your partner are sensitive to creating a relationship that balances both of your preferences for being alone as individuals, alone as a couple, and together with others.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can help keep your relationship on course toward a happy future together.

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Social Butterfly …What to Expect When Dating One

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