Skip the Gym and Do It in the Morning

8. Because shower sex just doesn’t cut it.

The water in your face, the slippery surfaces (especially where feet are concerned!), the soap in places that can’t support life with soap — shower sex is like the sh*tty water park version of intercourse you indulge in when you have nothing better to do over the summer. Morning sex is the more fun, cooler theme park. Better than Disney.

9. It affirms that you two are still interested in each other sober.

Any sex that is not drunk and sloppy means there’s hope. When the lights are on, it’s even better getting off.

10. Because you love an excuse to gloat at work.

Coworker 1: How was your night? You: I had amazing morning sex.
Coworker 2: I’m so stressed. You: Morning sex could fix that. I would know. Coworker 3: Where do you want to go for lunch? You: Some place where they sell morning sex all day.

11. It’s a better replacement for coffee.

Sex gets you going first thing in the morning. A poke in the back jolts you awake in a way that caffeine can’t. If you become addicted, we understand.

12. You leave on a high.

Morning sex is ending the night on a good note. Especially in more “foreign” bedrooms, post-morning sex acts as an inoffensive cue to exit. We f*cked. Now SCRAM!

13. There’s nothing like a good c*ck rooster to wake you up.

Exposed early breath, post-coital glow, natural daylight to contour your face — morning sex makes waking up early totally worth it.

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Skip the Gym and Do It in the Morning

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