Relieving a Solo Pleasure Pattern

If you’ve convinced yourself that you can’t orgasm in any other position, your body will believe you. After all, the mind is the first stop on the road to O town. When you think, This position doesn’t feel as good, this is never going to work, your body tenses up and rejects any new information. You need a new script. Something like, Oh, this is different. This is exciting! Let’s explore what happens when we do this…

Next time you’re getting frisky with a partner, try a new position. Once he or she gets close to getting off, switch to your go-to position. Keep trying that for a while and then, one day, don’t switch and see what happens.

You could also take the opposite approach: Start in your comfort zone and then, just as you or your partner is about to come, change positions and see what happens then.

Inviting your partner to explore options together will make it an inclusive experience, rather than putting everything in your, er, hands. Of course, you could also experiment with these same maneuvers all by yourself.

Here’s another option to try: Masturbate with your partner. You might have fun, and it would show you both that intimacy isn’t just about an orgasm through sexual intercourse.

Be open to new adventures, and you will become increasingly comfortable with all kinds of positions. Here’s to a titillating future!



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Relieving a Solo Pleasure Pattern

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