New Foreplay Sweet Spots to Explore


The Erotic Pathways on the Sides of the Torso

Snaking from the bottom of the rib cage to the hips is a powerful nerve that, when stimulated, connects directly to your clitoris and your man’s penis. “When you touch this area, it reflexively causes the pelvic-floor muscles to contract in both men and women, which increases arousal,” says Dr. Ross.

You’ll want to use a firmer touch here, since it’s more ticklish than other spots. Start on one side, just underneath the rib cage, and either stroke the area with your hand or alternate between kissing (apply more pressure than usual with your lips) and lightly nibbling your way down to the hipbone.

“On a guy, you’ll actually see his testicles and penis contracting,” says
Dr. Ross. “And you’ll feel the contractions in your vaginal wall and clitoral area as he does the same move on you.” The benefits here are twofold: Not only does it feel insanely good in the moment, but those pelvic contractions also create a buildup to one hell of an orgasm.


That Pleasure Mound on the Lower Back

The knob at the base of the spine is rife with nerves with major pleasure potential. To take advantage, give each other a sexy rubdown.

Start at the shoulder blades, and work your hands down in a kneading motion. At the lower back, switch to a softer touch, and lightly spiral your fingers over the base. “This area is so receptive, just the softest touch will send chills throughout the body,” says Dr. Ross.

Other sexy ideas: Lightly graze your cheek against the area — the unexpected skin on skin sparks an increase in the excitement hormone dopamine. Then softly kiss and trace your tongue along the same spot (just make sure he’s shaved before he tries this on you). You can also brush the tips of your hair against the skin and then switch to raking your fingernails gently across it to deepen the sensation.Young loving couple isolated on white


The Teasing Trail on the Thighs

One of the most explosive nerves in the body is located at the top of the inner thigh. “It’s called the ilioinguinal nerve, and it’s incredibly sensitive to touch,” says Dr. Millheiser.

In fact, it’s best to save it for last and work your way up to it. Start by licking your finger (the wetness increases the stimulation) and slowly drawing it from the mid–inner thigh to the top. Then follow the path you just traced with your tongue, teasing your way to the upper region.

“Because the skin here is tender, it’s important to watch how he reacts,” says
Buckley. “If he flinches, you’re exciting the nerve to the point where it feels too ticklish.” The fix: Give the area firmer kisses (it’ll work on you too).

As your guy touches you here, you’ll notice your breath becoming more rapid and your pelvis starting to spasm in that must-have-you-now way. The reason: “Caressing this area indirectly stimulates the genitals, since the nerves around it are firing pleasure signals to the brain,” says Dr. Ross. Now is the time to put your guy’s hand exactly where you’re craving it… and enjoy the ride.

Too-Long Foreplay

A slow passion buildup is hot—to a point. Quit fooling around and do it already if…

• Your old carpal tunnel has kicked in from so much “handiwork.”

• The new seductive sandalwood candle you lit suddenly smells very strong. Oh, wait, it’s burned down to the bedside table.

• You’ve had so much skin-on-skin contact that your boobs are chafing.

• Your Twitter followers have filed a missing-person report.

• The only things you’ve eaten in the past 48 hours are whipped cream and strawberries.

• You’ve done the tips in this article so many times that for dirty talk, you’re able to recite them to each other.

• You’re starting to think that there’s such a thing as “blue ovaries.”

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New Foreplay Sweet Spots to Explore

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