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My Top 20 Excuses Why I Can’t Possibly Go to the Gym Today (from a Widow)

Do you feel like you just can’t? What’s your motivation to exercise?

Awhile back, before I had joined and then quit my 4th or 5th gym membership, I was at my gym; doing my regular swimming routine in the pool. This routine consists of many different exercises in the water; using weights, the ladder steps, and my own body. It also involves jogging, walking, and some light swimming. I was in the middle of one of my swimming laps, when suddenly, out of the corner of my eye; I noticed an older man, probably in his late 60’s, who was in a wheelchair. He pulled his chair over to the edge of the pool, somehow plopped himself out of the chair and into the water; and very quickly began to swim circles around me. The man who was IN A WHEELCHAIR who has to pull his own dead leg-weight while he swims, was lapping me. And it wasn’t even close. He was kicking my very fat ass.

Now, you would think that something like that would be an inspirational moment for me; that it would help to motivate me; right? You would think, that because I am 45 years old, a widow, and someone who is often on the dating sites and trying to find love again, that I would see this as a defining moment, and take stock of my life right then and there.  A normal person would see that moment as a turning point and say: “Wow! If that guy can find the motivation, than I have no excuse!” But I am not normal. I am someone who has always found any excuse to not exercise, and every excuse to eat more candy and Cape Cod potato chips. (they are amazing)