How to Save Your Marriage from Becoming a Sinking Ship

In a long-time relationship, Campbell said, partners need to remind each other that they’re still wanted.

“You need to know that nobody else in your partner’s life is their chosen lover or compares to you.”



While it’s important to maintain close friendships, surrounding yourself with the wrong type of friends could negatively affect the health of your relationship, said Laura Heck, a marriage and family therapist in Salt Lake City, Utah and the creator of the online couples therapy series for Better.

“Your friend’s actions are actively influencing your marriage, whether you realize it or not,” she said. “In private, do your friends complain or vent their frustrations about their partner? Do your friends flirt or hit on others behind their partner’s back? Bad relationships and boundaries are toxic and are actively at play in changing your own habits.”

On the other hand, surrounding yourself with married people who practice healthy boundaries can benefit you and your partner, Heck said.

“​You need to take inventory of the relationships in your inner circle and be intentional about how you choose to allow these relationships to influence your mindset, for better or for worse,” she said.


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How to Save Your Marriage from Becoming a Sinking Ship

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