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How I Hit The Cosmic Love Lottery

When the student is ready, the teacher arrives.

My teacher appeared in the form of a yoga practice. With each class, static cleared, mind quieted, and heart opened, and yoga became the Self-Love memo that shifted me from living a half-life in fear, to creating a whole life I truly loved. With compassion, patience, trust and gratitude, I learned that Love was not something earned or gotten from others, but a self-honoring, beautiful gift to give to myself.

Yoga, meditation, creative playtime, and connecting to my joy, brought much needed balance and harmony to my life. The stronger my self-love practice grew, the less I feared, and the more I loved.

Saying goodbye to things that drained me, and hello to things that lifted me.

A toxic job made way for entrepreneurship. My default “yes” switched to a self-honoring “no thank you”. A dark, cramped apartment became a sunshine garden cottage. New friendships were reciprocal and authentic. Stress and depletion were replaced with vital health. I nourished my body, mind and soul. I dated myself, and fell fully in love with all of me, and my life.

Cosmic Love Lottery!

And then, out of nowhere, when I wasn’t looking for it, it happened … my soul mate arrived. In creating a deeply aligned, connected and self-honoring life for myself, I had come home to the truth that the very Love I’d been seeking “out there” had been within me all along. I discovered that when the hearts of two complete and fulfilled people collide, there is an opportunity for a radical, “no words”, cosmic love-lottery brand of relationship, that’s based on mutual attraction and want, rather than “lack”, fear, or neediness. One complete soul, mirrored with another complete soul.

The game changing love lesson of my life, has been the gift of Self-Love.  The love we have for our self is the mirror we reflect for how we want to be loved by others.