Girl Who Doesn’t Go Big On Valentine’s…How About You?

Doing My Thing

I have nothing against romance, love, or intimacy, in the least; I just enjoy doing things on my terms, not Hallmark’s.  I learned that it’s equally as important to experiment and try new things, as it is to honor who you are and what makes you, you.  I also learned that in relationships, you find out so much more about yourself by taking risks and getting outside your comfort zone, and that even though the relationship might not last forever, the value of the lessons learned outweigh the heartbreak.

So I’m cool where I’m at with Valentine’s Day.  I do my thing, and treat it like a normal day, and I choose to go all in on love on other random days when people least expect it.

I’m not ready to have the modern world fully scrap #Valentine’s Day, however.  The heart shaped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are just better.

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Girl Who Doesn’t Go Big On Valentine’s…How About You?

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