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Adult Preferences vs. Real Life – Millennial Women Respond to Adult Content…Take 2

Whether we like it or not, explicit film is a big part of our culture. Millennial women weigh in on their viewing experiences, responses and red hot opinions. Do you agree?

I, like most women my age, have watched porn at least once or twice in their lives. Like it or not porn is a huge part of sex today and it’s never been simpler to check out with the ease in which to access it. Gone are the days of having to walk into a video store while pretending to have interest in the New Releases wall before peering into the “back room” and forging a “aw, this should be amusing!” look on your horny face. Then attempt a casual perusement of VHS tapes with the well worn boxes with catchy titles like Tiger’s Wood, or How Stella Got her Tube Packed, all the while chucking audibly as if to inform the other customers that you’re in that room “as a joke” and “boy, this would be such a fantastic gag for my buddies to come over to watch a movie and whoops! There’s a porno in here! Ha-ha!” And finally the awkward small talk one would automatically engage in with the clerk with the hope of broadcasting “I’m very interested in the film aspect of this, and in no way am I going back to my one bedroom apartment to lock my three cats in the bathroom and masturbate furiously to this tape! I’m a cinephile after all!”

Now you can Google the word “sex” or simply type in the p and an o and you’re instantly directed to hundreds of sites where you can view your most sordid fantasies while stuck in traffic on the 405. And for FREE! The future is now!

I will freely admit that I am one of those women who likes to watch porn from time to time, and when I do I have a very specific kind of porn that I like to watch. I developed my preference through viewing experience. I put in the work people, it takes time! Here’s the thing about my porn viewing pleasures; the things I like to watch that I find sexy and titillating are NOT the things I like in my actual, real life sex life. In fact, if my husband attempted to recreate one of my favorite scenes, I would probably be freaked out!