You’re Asked! How to Say Yes or No to a Marriage Proposal

What to Say After the Proposal

When the answer is yes, a lot of kissing and declarations of love are sure to follow. Such a happy response usually gives way to thoughts of sending out engagement announcements and making wedding plans.

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When the answer is no, your partner is at least entitled to know why you feel you can’t accept his proposal. Try to be as gentle and tactful as you can without causing more hurt and misunderstanding.

If you tell your partner you just need more time, make it clear that you don’t want the relationship to be over. Share the things you think both of you should know more about each other before you consider taking the leap together, and then spend time exploring the answers together. Tell him you’re willing to be the one to bring the topic up again because that takes the pressure off of him trying to read your mind before he decides whether to ask again. If it becomes clear that the two of you are destined for one another, you could even surprise him with your own romantic proposal.

Such an Important Question Deserves Careful Consideration

It’s important for any couple to really discuss what they want out of life before anyone proposes marriage. They need to make sure they’re both on the same page about having children, where they want to live, the importance religion might have in their lives, their financial situations, and many other crucial details that could affect their long-term compatibility. Being is love is very romantic, but a marriage takes a lot of hard work and compromise to make a success. If you get all of these issues out in the open ahead of time, it will be easier to know what to say when your partner asks you to marry him.

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You’re Asked! How to Say Yes or No to a Marriage Proposal

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