Top 20 Turnoffs of Women

12. You’re Always Late

This one’s basic courtesy: If you say you’ll be at a place at a time, be at that place at that time. Simple. If you’re repeatedly late, it starts feeling like you just don’t care.

13. You Ignore Her Jokes

Settle this one for me, gentlemen: why does so much of our excellent humor fly over your heads? Have you so deeply internalized the myth that women aren’t funny that you can’t recognize a good joke when you see one? That sounds boring!

14. You Have A Pubey Beard

If it’s not happening, it’s not happening. Not every guy needs to have a beard — move on!

15. You’re Snobby About Pop Culture

We’re all deeply sorry that you can’t let the joys of Fetty Wap and Nicki Minaj into your life, but please don’t rain on our parades, especially out of a misguided sense that it makes you better than us.

16. You Assume Sex Is Over After You Come

Let me put blaring red sirens around this one: This kind of clueless selfishness in the bedroom is a Very Bad Look. Your relationship isn’t a porn clip, so don’t act like you’re in one.

17. You Always Have To Have The Last Word

This is your standard old obnoxious, woman-repelling behavior. The universe won’t cave in if you give us the final say, guys, and insisting on winning every argument might mean you lose the bigger prize: the woman of your dreams.

18. You Lose Your Cool If She So Much As Glances At Another Guy

The stereotype is that women get sour when we see the men we’re with checking out other women, but men do this too, and women are reporting loud and clear that men can be petulant, jealous babies about it. It’s stifling and puts too much pressure on the relationship, especially early on, so give this one a miss if you can.

19. You Wear Dirty Or Ill-Fitting Clothes

Again, this is basic stuff, but it comes up so often. Guys: wash your clothes! Buy some that fit! Rinse and repeat!

20. You Give Weird Names To Her Vagina

“Love tunnel”? “Cookie”? NO THANK YOU, SIR, WE’RE GROWN.


If you were paying attention, you might have noticed that some things come up a lot: It turns out being nice to her, being nice to others and taking care of yourself and your appearance are huge turn-ons for women, and failing to do so could be the reason you’ve been having trouble in the dating game.

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Top 20 Turnoffs of Women

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