5 Reasons to Have a Summer Fling

Summer lovin’ had me a blast. Summer lovin’ happened so fast.

I know, technically it’s still spring, but let’s be realistic, people are solidifying their Memorial Day Weekend plans and then all of a sudden it’s summer and if we don’t start thinking about it now, we’ll be ill prepared when everyone else is all geared up (and paired up) for those steamier days (and nights!) So back to summer love I go! What’s the appeal of a relationship that only lasts three months? What’s the point? This is how I answered my friend recently when she asked me if I’d ever have a “fling”. Admittedly, I didn’t know people used this term in real life so once I stopped laughing at her and was able to have a serious discussion about it, I was surprised to discover that we both agreed it might not be the worst thing.

Here’s why I changed my whole perspective on the fling thing. The idea of getting involved with someone when there’s a timestamp on the whole experience gave me a bit of pause at first, sure, but when I spun it differently (and there ‘s always more than one way to look at any given situation) it actually sounded kind of exciting to me. I started thinking about not having to wonder where my relationship is headed, or if we both want the same things. The stuff he does that bugs the hell out of me? Who cares? Soon enough those annoying habits will be someone else’s problem! The idea of just being present and focusing on enjoying our time together without worrying about expectations or plans for the future is all too appealing. I can just be myself and feel comfortable and not have to change a single thing about me.

That sounds lovely doesn’t it? Being yourself in a relationship? What a notion! I don’t know about you, but I struggle with this seemingly easy concept more often than not. Speaking my mind, communicating my needs, setting boundaries, all the while being myself and having fun? I’m sorry, what? It can be totally overwhelming trying to find the delicate balance that relationships require. So when I think of taking the thing that overwhelms me the most- the future- off the table, and just focus on the ‘now’ part, then, um, yeah, I think I’ll give this whole summer love thing a shot. When I think of all the fun things associated with summer- beaches, pools, vacations, picnics, outdoor concerts, fireworks, etc, and then having someone to do these things with? Yes please! Why wouldn’t I be open to this?

In case you’re not sold on flinging yet, allow me to really drive my point home with some of the benefits I found to being open-minded to this kind of non-commitment:

  • Being in a less serious relationship helps to take some pressure off and has gotten me in the mindset of enjoying dating (yes, it’s possible!)
  • I have the perfect opportunity to make some mistakes! Look, dating can be super challenging; no one is going to argue that. Here’s a chance for me to do all the things I might not do in a serious relationship.
  • You know all those events we get invited to in the summer? I do, and I dread going to them solo. Barbeques, weekends at the beach, weddings? Having someone to attend with? Someone to satisfy everyone’s constant probe, “are you seeing anyone?” Sign me up!
  • It’ll encourage me to break the pattern of my usual “type”. Who doesn’t have a dating pattern? Mainly attracted to athletes? Ethnic guys? Financiers? I am. I’m going to take a risk and date someone outside the norm for me. Maybe a politician. Who knows? That in and of itself is super exciting and enough to make me want to give this a shot. Even if it ends up being as epic a fail as breakaway track pants, I’ll have learned something from the experience!
  • It’s not easy to do things solely on your terms in relationships. Things get really tricky when considering the feelings of everyone involved. Having a short summer romance might actually help me to find my voice, and gain more confidence when it comes to stating my needs in a future (serious) relationship.

All I’m saying is I’m going to give this a shot. There are way worse things than opening myself to the possibility of happiness. And even if I just discover it’s not for me? Awesome. Now I know. And I’ll also have a really fun “fling” story to share with my friends. My online dating stories are getting old anyway.

The Best (and Worst!) Summer Sexcapades for 2017

Are you curious about sex on a beach? Do you want to visit a nudist resort, take a tour of Amsterdam’s Red Light District, or join a kinky sex club? Summer is the perfect time to spice things up!

If you’re an adventurous type (and I’ll assume you are, since you’re reading LoveTV), here’s a summer ‘to-do’ list…with a few naughty no-nos thrown in.

Option 1: The Summer Sex Vacation

‘Wanderlust’ is a fun word, especially with sex involved. Here are some recommendations from travelers just like you!

Must See:

1. Amsterdam: Red Light District (AKA De Wallen)

Amsterdam-May 1: Red light district (Wallen) at night on May 1 2015 in Amsterdam the Netherlands.“If you like art, go see the Mona Lisa. But if you like sex, then you’d better go to Amsterdam! The Red Light District is like the Louvre of love.” – Dave L., 34

There’s something for everyone in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Here, live sex shows, peep shows, erotic museums and sex shops are just the beginning. So as long as you’re respectful [and totally willing], you can legally indulge in your wildest desires.



2. Treebones Resort: Big Sur, California

the rugged Big Sur California coast landscape“If you love nature, Big Sur is one of the West Coasts’ sexiest places. I get turned on just looking at the scenery!” – Kenneth O., 38

“My girlfriend and I had a wild experience in an Outdoor Human Nest at Treebones…You want to be quiet, since you’re outside in the open, but doing it under the stars blew my mind.” – Miranda S., 22

Yes, you read that right – human nest. Treebones is a lesser-known but totally worthwhile romantic getaway. Whether you want to nest under the stars, enjoy a 5-star sleep in luxury a Yurt, or make love in a giant Cocoon Tent, look no further. Come for the view, stay for the sex. (Link)

3. The Queen Mary Hotel: Long Beach, California

LOS ANGELES - August 20: Queen Mary and Russian Scorpion homeported on August 20 2009 in Long Beach Los Angeles California USA.“It was like making love on the Titanic. It doesn’t get better than that!” – Delilah B., 40

The Queen Mary is an iconic ocean liner from the golden age of sea travel. It’s even bigger than the Titanic, but don’t worry – it’s permanently moored at Long Beach. No sailing, no sinking, just sexy! Visit this floating hotel for lavish, antique accommodations and magnificent views of the harbor. But be warned – the ship is supposedly haunted, so you may not be the only ones going ‘bump’ in the night. (Link)

Proceed With Caution:

The Green Door: Las Vegas, Nevada

Apartment Number Seven and Eyehole Tinted in Green“We went there for my Bachelorette party and that was a huge mistake. I wasn’t prepared to see so many older men masturbating and watching people have sex. If you’re into orgies and solo viewing, the Green Door is for you. But I just ran home and hid in my bed. Sorry.” – Olivia G., 31

While it’s a wildly popular spot for sex tourists from around the world, The Green Door is not for everyone. Its orgy room, dungeon and infamous Sexagon are popular for swingers and voyeuristic singles, but visitors are often unprepared for just how much anything goes, here. You may love it, or you may hate it. Just make sure you know what you’re in for. Get that freak flag ready to fly! (Link)

Don’t Bother:

The Grand Canyon

View from Ooh Aah Point on Kaibab trail in the Grand Canyon“It was always on my bucket list to have sex at the Grand Canyon, but it’s actually super unpleasant. Don’t do it! The canyon is hot and dusty, there are scorpions and snakes to look out for, and honestly…the sex was beyond uncomfortable.” – Evan T., 24






Must See:

1. Camping Under the Stars

Couple outdoors at campsite talking and smiling“Seriously, there’s nothing like sex in a forest, desert or mountain setting. It’s freeing in every way.” – Ryan J., 23

Can’t make it all the way to Big Sur? Pitch a tent in the closest national park, light a campfire (laws permitting), and release your inhibitions. There’s nothing like nature to set off your deepest animal instincts.

2. Nudist Resort (At Our Place or Yours?)

“If there’s a nudist community in your area, it’s often cheap to join or visit. But you’ll find that nudism has little to nothing to do with sex, so if you’re wanting to get freaky, try it at home.” – Joseph H., 56

Nudist resorts are wonderful places to get some R&R. But if you’re looking to turn it up a notch, I highly recommend starting your own nudist “resort” in the comfort of your own home. It can be just you and a partner, or invite some adventurous friends over for a naked barbeque. For groups, playing sexy roles (like Nude Bartender or Swinging Chef) can make for a fun night of play. And for the monogamous, married or cohabitating, here’s a hint: certain household chores are more fun when you’re naked. So whatever your fancy, try it nude!

3. Popsicle Party

Homemade blueberry ice cream or popsicles decorated green mint leaves on teal rustic table, frozen fruit juice. Vintage style.“It was an especially hot day, so we stocked up on popsicles and ice cream treats and cooled ourselves off the fun way. I can’t believe we hadn’t thought of it sooner!” – Alice F., 30

Flavored ice cubes, fruity popsicles, sticky ice cream sundae treats – the possibilities are endless for a sensuous foodie on a hot summer’s day! There’s only one rule for ice cream play: no cones, spoons or bowls allowed.

Proceed at your own risk:

At the Movies

“We live in a super small town. It’s not uncommon for us to be the only ones watching a movie, especially on a weekday matinee. Having sex at the movies was the wildest thing we’ve ever done. But it’s super illegal, so make sure you’re alone and proceed at your own risk.” – Chelsey V., 19

Don’t Bother:

Sex on a Beach

guy and his girlfriend are on the beach

“It’s not as fun as it sounds. I got sand in all the worst places.” – James R., 27

“A lifeguard saw us and we both got arrested. And the sand…not sexy at all.” – Issa M., 30

Backyard Playtime

“Unless you’re surrounded by hedges, don’t even try having sex in the yard. Even with maximum privacy, come on. People have drones now. Someone is going to report you, and the sex won’t even be worth it. – Pamela W., 41

“Even if you don’t get caught, is your backyard really that sexyLet’s save you some time: the answer is no.” –Andrew L., 26

Bonus Option: Try Something New, and Tell Us About It!

At LoveTV, we’re always on the lookout for hot ideas. What’s your greatest summer sexcapade? We can’t wait to hear about it!