Hey, Single Ladies! 7 Ways To OWN Valentine’s Day This Year

If you prefer to call it Single’s Awareness Day, this is for you. Just because you’re single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you can’t have an incredible day to celebrate yourself! So what are you waiting for? Give these 7 tips a try!

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Relationship A.I. Helps Singles Track Activity Across Multiple Apps!

As online dating becomes more and more popular it is beginning to have a detrimental impact on millennial singles.

The average dater has upwards of three apps on their phone at any point, and with hundreds of matches on each platform, it is harder than ever for them to keep on top of their love lives.

That’s where Relationship AI comes in. The independent platform is designed to take the stress out of modern dating and makes it considerably less time consuming.

It stores users’ online dating activity in one place and helps them make smarter decisions by tracking all of their interactions, rating their matches and letting them ask friends for advice.

Founder Karinna Karsten created the product after she saw no such tool on the market and wanted to make sure singles have the best possible experience when looking for a romantic partner.

She joined Dom Whitlock on The GDI Podcast to discuss how Relationship AI was created, the specific ways it can help people at any stage of a relationship, and what the online dating industry will look like in the future.

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