Shocking Facts: What Women Really Desire From Their Lover

WOMEN have opened up about the strange traits they actually look for in men.


SIZE MATTERS: Women actually want men with smaller penises

Put down the dumbbells and grab yourself another biscuit, because women don’t want tall, handsome, ripped guys (apparently).

From men with beer bellies to guy’s that are lacking in the height department, what women really look for in prospective lovers will shock you.

The Thought Catalogue spoke to several ladies about the things they find attractive in the opposite sex and here are some of their stranger preferences…..



SEXY: Ladies also revealed that they like unfit and hairy men

“Out of shape – I don’t like when a guy is too fit,” admitted 30-year-old Mel.While Tierra, 28, says she

doesn’t like tall men. In fact, she wants someone smaller than her.

“I don’t like when a guy is too fit”


“I actually like guys my height or shorter. So many people are shocked by that, but for some reason I really like the way it feels,” she said.

“Guys who feel ‘compact’ if that makes any sense. I’ve always liked the slightly muscular, shorter guy look. For the record I’m 5ft 7.”

Hanna admitted a rather weird and specific preference in a future lover.

“It’ll probably never happen, but I have a SERIOUS fetish for guys with snakebite piercings,” she said.



INTIMATE: Another woman says she only likes sharing a bed for sex

While 23-year-old Bella likes to cuddle-up with skinny guys.”I love really f****** bony guys. Collarbones, ribs, hipbones, all of it. I want to feel like I’m cuddling with a skeleton. Lol… seriously,” said Nicole, 28.”I love guys with lots and lots of chest hair. If I can seriously braid that s***, sign me up,”

Other positive traits included NOT being creative or romantic and having a small penis – really.”I like guys who are not creative at all. Like, they can be creative thinkers, but I don’t like when they are ‘creatives’ who practice art/writing/music/etc,” said Jamie.”I generally don’t like creative male personalities, and since I’m a creative professional, I don’t want to feel any competition.”Lindsay added “It’s always weird to me when women talk about wanting a guy who plans things/surprises/etc.”For me, I love having control over the social element of my relationship and I don’t like surprises. If I can plan every dinner and holiday, that’s awesome. I don’t like guys who get slick with celebrations. Also, I want to pick the restaurant.”

And one woman even said she’s not into sharing a bed with her spouse “except for sex”.”I don’t like the feeling of someone next to me all the time, and I also need my personal space,” said Alice. “So far, I’ve only had one serious relationship where the guy was okay with that, and we dated for three years.”When we broke up, I was like ‘oh s***, now I have to find another guy who’s happy with paying for a second bedroom’,” she said.A recent study also revealed that women are less likely to cheat on men with small penises.Yes, that’s right – the LARGER your schlong, the more likely your partner will be dissatisfied in the bedroom.

Who knew being fatter, shorter and lacking in the trouser department was a good thing!

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Make Valentine’s Sizzle


Body language of desire – Use body language wisely to signal desire to a new partner. Run your fingers up and down your cocktail straw or slowly circle the rim of your glass.

Or trace your fingertips leisurely from your neckline to decolletage – a green light to their subconscious that will give them confidence.

Pucker up – Tempt each other with sensational snogs. Kisses are pleasurable and produce the important bonding hormone oxytocin.

Try the “medieval necklet” kiss, planting kisses from behind their ear, down their neck, around to their other ear. This stimulates nerve endings along these sensitive erogenous zones.

Keep it simple – You may be nervous slipping between the sheets with a new partner but they feel the same too.

Siski Green, author of How to Blow his Mind in Bed (Piatkus, £.9.99), says: “Don’t worry about exotic techniques, turn off the phone and TV then turn up the thermostat.

“The warmth makes you want to get cosy.First stroke their erogenous zones, then lightly rub them, before using a circular motion.

“This makes exploring every inch of them exciting.”

Food of love – Having dinner at home means you can use ingredients that have an added aphrodisiac kick.

A simple stir-fry becomes a sexy dish if you use ginger, garlic and chilli. These seasonings increase your circulation and that in turn sparks your desire.

Spoon-feed each other dark chocolate dessert as it aids the release of feel-good chemicals like endorphins.

Show them the romance – Download or buy a CD of hits from the year they were born.

You may not have known them long but this romantic gesture shows you are happy they were born!

Thrill-seekers – Relationship coach Jo Hemmings at, says: “If confident in this lust-filled stage, go Fifty Shades and enjoy a sexy role-play game using a blindfold and a feather.

“If you don’t have these to hand, use an airline mask, scarf or a stocking, plus a soft brush or anything faux fur.

“Take turns teasing, stroking and whispering to each other.”

Make a memory – Take a flask and some lovely light bites to the best outdoors spot in town and watch the stars come out.

Afterwards you can go for drinks, dinner or back to yours feeling all romantic.

Be playful – New couples need confidence to let go and being playful helps.

Sexologist Dr Trina Read, of, says: “You should both write down three things you would like to try and slip these into your Valentine’s cards.

“This is a fantastic way to help your partner understand things you would like to try and visa versa.”

New couples can beat inflated Valentine’s restaurant prices by doing something fun and different like bowling or a game of pool.

Finish with candlelit drinks and snacks at yours. Research shows these are the standout memories couples love most.