Five Low-Key Hollywood Couples Who REALLY Rock at Love

Brad and Angelina have called it quits, but love is far from dead. Here are some inspiring Hollywood couples who happily defy the odds (and the tabloids)!

1. Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks

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Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks share a 28 year marriage. When they met, Hanks had just left his first marriage. He was first married at 21, he has said, for fear of being lonely; but it was not the answer. After Tom’s divorce, meeting Rita was a revelation. “When we first looked at each other there was definitely a kind of ‘Hey, this is the place!’” Tom said in an interview. ”…We got married for all the right reasons.”

In their many years together, Rita and Tom have displayed a mutual, wholehearted acceptance of each other. While the limelight can sometimes be shallow and unforgiving, the Hanks’ unconditional love is stronger than ever.

2. Annette Bening and Warren Beatty

Source: The Daily Mail []
Source: The Daily Mail []
Here’s a love story to prove the naysayers wrong. Back in the day, Warren Beatty was known as one of the more infamous womanizers in Hollywood history (rumored to have slept with 12,775 women over 40 years). And Annette Bening was an intelligent, no-nonsense actress who had no intention of sleeping with him. After a fateful lunch meeting, Beatty claims he fell in love with her in less than ten minutes. But Bening wanted to just stay friends – and they did, until they finished shooting Bugsy. The two confessed a mutual desire to have children…and one thing led to another. In spite of the seemingly endless echoes of Beatty’s past, as well as warnings from peers expecting the worst, Bening and Beatty remain committed to proving them all wrong. 24 years of marriage later, Beatty and Bening are proof that love conquers all.