Attract the Right Person for You

If I told you that I had the secret for finding your soul mate, your dream guy, your Ryan Gosling, would you give it a try?

Using crystals is a way to place good vibes out into the universe and attract the type of partner you find attractive. You can keep them in your purse, on your bedside table, or on your desk so their magnetic energy is always on hand.

Here are some crystal cocktails to enchant different types of guys. They have potent attraction energy behind them, so be careful what you wish for, crystal lovers…

The Creative

Want an über-inspired, creatively charged crystal to hook, line, and sinker yourself a creative soul mate? Then you need one or all of these:

Carnelian helps you connect to your creative side by revitalizing your body, mind, and soul and heightening your joyful energy and motivation. You’ll feel inspired, and he’ll be inspired to spend more time around you.

Labradorite is a stone that supports your visions, dreams, and goals, helping you visualize your future creative partner.

Crystal cocktail poured, shaken, and served for one creative!

The Romantic

Hopelessly addicted to all things The Notebook and Dirty Dancing? Well, your Prince Charming is out there, and he’s probably looking for you right now. Help him connect with your romantic vibrations by keeping these Cupid crystals on hand:

Consider rose quartz the mack daddy of romantic crystals—it connects with all things heart.

Amber stones bring a sense of calm, purity, and romance.

Aventurine—the ladies’ luck rock—is just what you need to manifest some good fortune in the love department.

The Yogi

Seeking an asana soul brother? If you haven’t come across any boyfriend material at your local yoga studio yet, here’s a yogi-inspired crystal cocktail to connect to your chakras…and his:

Malachite will help you connect to his love of transformation, energy, and balance.

Celestite is a calming, gentle, positive stone that promotes harmony, alignment, and connection to the angelic realm.

Clear quartz helps to clean up your energy and aura so your newfound yogi can have an unobstructed view of your positive soul.

Namaste, brother!

The Hipster

You seek a stylish guy who loves all things beards, man buns, and plaids. Crystals that energetically vibe with the hipster guy include:

Moonstone taps into his sensitive, intuitive, New Agey side.

The perfect crystal for daydreamers, fluorite opens up your energy to clear unbiased reasoning and help focus the mind.

The Jock

Want a bro? A simple, sporty, straight-up man? Here are some crystal recipe options to find him:

Agate is connected with all things strength and bravery.

Tiger’s-eye is the crystal of confidence, courage, and protection.

High-five, bro!

The Businessman

Attracted to the successful, driven, passionate, hardworking type? These crystals can help you catch the busy businessman’s attention:

Selenite can inspire clarity of mind and concentration, and it can promote stimulating conversation while supporting your nerves.

Jade is the stone of good luck, good fortune, and abundance.

Citrine is all about focus and discipline. Heck, it’s even nicknamed the successful stone.

The Prankster

Have a soft spot for the class clown? Is a solid sense of humor one of your prerequisites for a soul mate? You don’t have to set up a crystal trail between the local comedy club and your front door. Instead, just keep these lighthearted crystals with you to help your heart connect to someone playful:

As the sunstone‘s name suggests, it’s full of good vibes and will leave you feeling uplifted and positive, ready to tackle a prankster’s wit.

Rose quartz is packed with joyous, fun-loving vibes.

Curated by Erbe
Original Article

Rock Your Love and Bedroom Life Using Crystals

What Crystals Would You Use?

More than just pretty stones, crystals have been used for thousands of years for their mystical and powerful healing properties, and are commonly used in alchemic healing remedies, meditation, manifesting, and as sacred tools to support our daily lives. Personally, I find them utterly mesmerizing, and have been using them in my every day life and with my clients, as part of my intuitive coaching practice with truly magical results for many years.

High Vibe Crystals

Specific crystals work with different areas of our bodies, helping to promote a healthy flow of energy.  Each stone carries its own unique vibration that can identify, awaken, and elevate those cells in our bodies that are vibrating lower than they should, correcting any imbalances and harmonizing our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

More and more, these high vibe gems are finding their way into our self-love practices and the bedroom, as more and more individuals and couples seek to bring an elevated level of consciousness and intention to take their intimacy and sexual mojo to the next level.

Whatever kind of love you’re trying to attract, be it romantic, spiritual or friendship, you must first truly love yourself before you can fully accept or give love to others.

Rose Quartz- Gateway to Love

The beloved Rose Quartz crystal is a universal Heart Chakra healer, and the gateway stone to loving on all levels; self love, romantic partnership, friends, family, and universal relationships. To ground your life in loving energy, wear some Rose Quartz jewelry, sleep with it under your pillow, or tuck a piece into your pocket or even bra as a constant reminder that love is always close by.

Rhodochrosite-Healing Your Heart

This pretty pink stone helps to heal a broken heart and alleviates past hurts by gently cleansing, soothing, and repairing the energy field around our heart. When taken outside on a sunny day, it can absorb the beauty and magic of nature, allowing a sense of compassionate grace and softness to re-enter our lives.

For a beautiful healing self-love meditation, sit quietly with eyes closed and focus on your heart area. Envision a soft green light (the color associated with our Heart Chakra) emanating from the center of your being, and as you exhale, radiate love from your heart through your body in all directions and out into the Universe. As you inhale, visualize that green love light returning to you from all corners of the Universe, a million-fold, filling you up with pure love and light.

Red Garnet- Ignites Romance

Mediating with Red Garnet inspires and ignites love and romance. Use this powerful root chakra crystal when setting your intention to invite an ideal romantic partner into your life.

Clear Quartz –Manifesting Love

This is a manifesting must-have stone. Considered the master healer when used by itself, or as a broadcaster when partnered with other crystals. It cleanses your energetic aura and helps you connect to the best version of you. Clear Quartz is also ideal for using in crystal grids for it’s ability to broadcast the frequency of what you’re consciously creating.

Creating a Crystal Love Grid

To make a “Love Grid” place a Rose Quartz crystal (representing Love) at the center and place smaller pieces of Clear Quartz crystal points around it, arranging them in the shape of an infinity symbol (representing infinite lasting Love).  This grid can be set up and left in place for as long as you desire (cleansing crystals weekly for optimal charging). Set your intention for what it is you want to attract into your life and trace an imaginary outline of the grid with your finger, beginning and ending at the Rose Quartz center.

Lapis Lazuli- Rock Your Truth

Communicating your boundaries and desires with clarity, kindness and love is key to fostering respectful, healthy relationships. Lapis Lazuli is said to carry the vibration of our inner King or Queen and can help support us in speaking clearly, truthfully and lovingly, teaching others how we wish to be treated. Remember too, that communication also means the ability to be a good listener. In my experience, good listeners make for most excellent lovers.

Fire Agate, Jasper, Rubies- Get Your Mojo On!

Feeling sexually aroused is a sure sign that our positive energy is flowing freely, making sensuality and spirituality an ideal partnership for sexual intimacy. Certain crystals carry powerful aphrodisiac energy that fire up the sensual energy in our lower chakras allowing for our love to flow readily and helps partners to view their sexual relationship as a sacred bond.

Fire Agate and Red Jasper crystals are especially helpful for men in supporting the lower chakras, enhancing the libido and prolonging sexual activity. Orange Carnelian fires up the energy of the sacral chakra and helps women to restore vitality to their female sex organs (or Yoni, which is Sanskrit for Sacred Space).

Red Ruby stone carries an unsurpassable potency of empowering energy that can help both partners release inhibitions, and ignite their adventurous and playful sides.

Place these passion crystals on your nightstand, tucked under your pillow, or drop them into warm bathwater for some relaxation and sensual foreplay togetherness.

Crystal Clearing and Powerful LOVE

It’s essential to cleanse your crystals before using them and regularly as they absorb both our negative and positive energy. Running them under flowing water, smudging with sage smoke, or setting them out under the illuminating power of a full moon will all do a beautiful job of clearing and recharging your sacred love stones.

I wish you all the healing magic and delight that lies in store as you seek to attract and open your heart and life wide open to the high vibe power of LOVE.