T&A IN BED with Sarah Afkami

T&A in bed with Sarah Afkami

T&A are in bed with Sarah Afkami, comedian and tv writer for Chelsea Handler’s latest Netflix show and others. Sarah answers T&A silliest and naughtiest questions with honesty and a bit of bashfulness, before we chat with her on our podcast here: http://bit.ly/28SLl6o. Don’t miss her killer shoes featured at the end of the video 😉

On our podcast episode: What weird sexual fantasies are you keeping to yourself? T&A share openly about their sexual fantasies with their guest, Sarah Afkami, comedian and writer for Chelsea Handler’s latest Netflix show, Chelsea, and Comedy Central’s The Legend of Chamberlain Heights, coming out this fall! We all have images and ideas that maybe surprise even ourselves. Do you have shame or judgement around your own fantasies? What if you expressed them without judgment to understand yourself and your partner better? Join us as we explore our own fun, surprising fantasies honestly and openly, as well as our earliest fantasies that have shaped our sexual identity. We just might activate your imagination! Tweet Sarah @safikomen and write us with thoughts & questions at advice@tatalksex.com

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