T&A In Bed with Three Day Rule Matchmakers


Completely romantic, sweet, and inspiring ideas from Adelle and Karen of the dating site, Three Day Rule, in this speed round of relationship questions. Find your ideal mate with the team at www.threedayrule.com

You can hear our full podcast episode where these girls explain the rules of dating, how to find your true love, and common mistakes people make hurting their chances – here: http://bit.ly/ThreeDayRuleTATalkSex

T&A IN BED with Leah Knauer

T&A are in bed with Leah Knauer, comedian voted one of Twitter’s Funniest Women by SMOSH! Leah dishes on her personal details in this lil’ video, before we chat with her in a full podcast: http://bit.ly/28QCEdf

On our podcast episode: Leah Knauer – actress & comedian voted one of Twitter’s Funniest Women by SMOSH, & appeared on Not Safe with Nikki Glaser and Corporate, both on Comedy Central – talks with T&A about her time in abstinence club, and then the ladies talk openly about how to get over those breakups that hurt our hearts, and the age old problem of guys who don’t get the hint that you’re just not that into him.  What’s the best way to handle all of these?! Leah shares openly, honestly, and with humor.

T&A IN BED with Sarah Afkami

T&A in bed with Sarah Afkami

T&A are in bed with Sarah Afkami, comedian and tv writer for Chelsea Handler’s latest Netflix show and others. Sarah answers T&A silliest and naughtiest questions with honesty and a bit of bashfulness, before we chat with her on our podcast here: http://bit.ly/28SLl6o. Don’t miss her killer shoes featured at the end of the video 😉

On our podcast episode: What weird sexual fantasies are you keeping to yourself? T&A share openly about their sexual fantasies with their guest, Sarah Afkami, comedian and writer for Chelsea Handler’s latest Netflix show, Chelsea, and Comedy Central’s The Legend of Chamberlain Heights, coming out this fall! We all have images and ideas that maybe surprise even ourselves. Do you have shame or judgement around your own fantasies? What if you expressed them without judgment to understand yourself and your partner better? Join us as we explore our own fun, surprising fantasies honestly and openly, as well as our earliest fantasies that have shaped our sexual identity. We just might activate your imagination! Tweet Sarah @safikomen and write us with thoughts & questions at advice@tatalksex.com

T&A are In Bed With Tripp & the Podcast “How to Talk to Girls”!


T&A get personal with the man behind the smart and honest podcast, How To Talk to Girls. His experience has helped guys open up and develop themselves for the betterment of men and women dating. We are grateful!

On The Podcast: T&A get solid advice from a guy who’s learned the hard way about dating and talking to women. A social scientist of his own accord, Tripp shares some of his fascinating insights that are also- practical. From key differences in men and women’s communication styles, attraction and the friend zone, this is a great conversation to listen to if you want to be more natural, and succesfful, with women without having to follow douchy, dis-ingenuous ‘bro’ how-to’s. Listen here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tatalksex/podcast

Check Tripp out @Trippadvice

T&A In Bed With Lahna Turner, Comedian of The Perfect 10 podcast

Lahna Turner, comedian, musician, and podcaster of The Perfect 10, opens up with our playful questions – thx for being so honest, Lahna!

t&a in bed with Lahna Turner

On our podcast with Lahna: EP 114! In homage to the fall and the change of season, we’re talking all about endings and new beginnings, with comedien Lahna Turner. ‘A’ shares her relationship revelations from a session with a psychic that changed her romantic life, then Lahna gets candid and raw about currently going through a divorce and we get the full story of how ‘Limeade’, her new comedic, visual album from the title parady of Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ came into being. Plus, a lively debate over how to handle the death of intimacy after children enter the picture with a real-life mom, and then we cap it off with ‘New Dick’, Lahna’s HILARIOUS new song from Limeade.
Listen here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tatalksex/podcast

T&A IN BED WITH Jayson Thibault from Punch Drunk Sports Podcast

T&A hop in bed with Jayson to ask him personal questions, and he sure delivers honest answers – so fun! 

t&a in bed

Wow, we totally had a show topic for this week- and then Jayson Thibault from Punch Drunk Sports happened! Which made for an epic episode. His candid discussion about all things relationships, sex, family, and growing up with lesbian parents bring us to a higher level of honesty! How does a young boy growing up with all women affect him as a man? How does T growing up with her father affect her as a grown woman? A shares her personal story about her mom’s ovarian cancer, and how she handled the experience. And so much more real talk happens in this episode. Enjoy!


T&A IN BED WITH Lora of Between the Sheets with Lora Somoza

T&A hop in bed with Lora from the podcast Between The Sheets with Lora Somoza. She answers some silly questions with honesty and humor about sex and her preferences!

t&a in bed

On the Podcast:

Giving Thanks for Vibrators, Small Breasts, Big Lips, and Daddy Issues Ep.121
It’s Thanksgiving week, which means time for T&A to reflect on all the things they’re grateful for this year- the not so suitable for the dinner table things. Lora Somoza from the podcast, ‘Between the Sheets with Lora Somoza’ joins this roundtable chat which sparks scintilating conversation on vibrators, masturbation, their body issues growing up as kids and even some deeper family issue stuff. Fun and entertaining, yet always deep, Happy Thanksgiving from T&A!

Thx guys!