Meet a Great Catch… Here Are 10 Places

Top 5 Quality Places to Meet Women

1. Schools/Colleges/Education-Oriented Events

Statistics show there are more women enrolling in colleges and universities than men, which is good news for you guys who are looking to meet quality women. There are plenty of single, quality women enrolled in all sorts of classes, from business to psychology.

Now, just in case you’re over your college years, keep in mind there are plenty of older women who have decided to go back to school to earn their master’s degree or make a career transition. Any type of event related to education will draw masses of women to it because education has a nurturing quality conducive to women.

2. Singles Events

Interestingly enough, more women than men attend these events. Men often shy away from these events because there is an underlying tone of meeting “the one.” But, it’s really unfortunate because there are so many great women who attend these events. If you’re a man reading this, this should definitely be one of your many options to finding a plethora of single women who fit your preferences.

3. Charities/Philanthropic/Missionary Activities

There is a strong, nurturing quality to helping the less fortunate that attracts loads of women. Sure, there are men who attend these events as well, but there will always be more women than men. If you’re interested in doing charity/missionary work, then this will be a great place for you to meet that special woman. The good news is that if you do find a mate at one of these events, you’ll have found someone very giving and nurturing which is the start of a great relationship.

4. Hospitals, or Health And Wellness Events

Absolutely. Think about that cute nurse that helped you when you were sick and thought you weren’t going to make it, even though she knew you were fine but just needed a little TLC. Look no further than places that care for the sick and wounded. Just think about it: these are usually women who have to exude caring and nurturing qualities 24/7 because their jobs depend on it. If hospitals scare you, then try attending health oriented events, which draw many different types of people interested in health and wellness.

5. Church Or Religious Events

I mentioned churches in my opening statements, but I want to mention it again because it’s important. Churches or religious activities are places where women feel free to act emotional and caring, and allows them to express their true feminine qualities. This is the reason there are usually more women in attendance than men, but of course this is relative to the particular denomination you choose.

Now, as I’ve said earlier, you can’t just go one time and score a date. You have to show that you at least go periodically in order to attract these type of women. It’s a plus if you also participate and volunteer in various church community events as well, which will help you to meet more women. Overall, this is still a great place to meet a variety of women and one that a man interested in meeting single women shouldn’t miss.

In general, like attracts like. If you hang out at a bar hoping to meet the one, but only end up with drunks or people who don’t have your best interests at heart, then now you know why. Even if I’ve convinced you to check out any of the places mentioned above, you’ll still have to show some interest in those places.

For example, if you don’t like politics, then please don’t go to political events looking for a man or you won’t feel very comfortable. Similarly, if you’re not into charities or philanthropy work, then don’t go to a Red Cross event primarily hoping to meet your next wife, or you may feel like you don’t belong and still not have met her.

Listen, singles are everywhere, but in order to find a great mate you’ll need to target your efforts more closely to activities and places in which you’re interested, and that are for quality people. Once you start to focus your efforts I can guarantee you’ll start seeing the results.

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Meet a Great Catch… Here Are 10 Places

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