Self Love …You Can Achieve it More Rapidly Than You Think

5. Count your blessings.

There’s a lot of chat about the importance of gratitude. It can seem like it couldn’t possibly be that easy to be happy, so we overlook it. Ultimately, it’s just like anything in life: You can only infer so much from thinking about something. Transformation occurs when we actually TRY things.

If you’re unable to appreciate what you have now, it doesn’t matter what happens to you in the future: it will never be enough. Cultivating a daily gratitude practice helps you to be in the moment and to see the joy in everything. I’m on Periscope every Monday to Friday at 12.30 p.m. Eastern talking about the things I’m grateful for and inviting my audience to do the same. It’s an awesome ritual to help you become a stronger, happier, and more resilient person.

You could also rope your family and friends into it! Every morning and evening, ask the people you’re with to list the five things they’re most thankful for. Encourage them to be specific. “Having a job” is generic gratitude, but “The coffee shop was playing Al Green this morning” is deep gratitude. That means you have to really think about it. The benefits of being specific are massive and to be encouraged. This extremely simple practice can truly change your life. Try it and see for yourself!

There are so many ways to fall in love with your life — these barely scratch the surface.

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Self Love …You Can Achieve it More Rapidly Than You Think

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