Dakini Revealing the Wild Untamed Feminine Soul

My passion is creating sacred sensual and erotic avant-garde art that honors the depth, “duende”, and shamanic power the feminine soul and beloved union. Deep hearted sensuous feminine creativity is an expression of Dakini wisdom. It’s not a logical linear way to awakening, evolution, or change, but instead opens and liberates the personal and cultural ‘mind/body’ through wild, untamed love, beauty, and mystery in every undulation.

This piece is called “Red Love”. Usually when I film, I’m expressing an embodiment that allows my individual persona to dissolve, and the embodiment to emerge and merge. This video however, is more personal. I’m looking deeply into the witness, revealing hidden secrets that now wants to be seen. Interestingly, as personal as this was, the finished art once again transcends me, into an feminine archetype of liberation.

Creative expression, especially empowered sensual feminine expression, is a powerful symbol of liberation. Not only of equal rights on a sociological scale, but of liberation on the Divine scale- to truly be our fullest potential. To have the freedom as a woman, psychologically, emotionally, and culturally to artistically and sensually express what is deepest and truest of her soul, without being shamed, beaten, or in some countries killed, is a torch of liberation. I feel every women, who has the freedom to express her light, and does so, illuminates the dark corners of our cultural psyche, as well as a path for others to express their sensuous hearts.

“Red Love”

Videography, Embodiment, Music and Editing: Kalista


About The Author
- Kalista’s art is an aesthetic exploration of Eros, Mystery, and Ascension. The art is born from deeply feeling into oceanic realms of the feminine body and heart, extending into the Universe, and beyond. She brings the art to life through dance, costume, music, photography, film and editing production. She refers to her art “Embodied Emanations”. As she embodied multiple-spectrums of the sensual cosmos and divine feminine love (eg sacred sensual, shamanic, erotic, cosmic, dark, light, and much more) she discovered deep termas (hidden treasures) that unveiled indescribable spiritual dimensions of being. Wild untamable mysticism, unlocked within feminine undulation and emanation. The more dimensions she authentically embodied and explored who she thought she was began to dissolve. One afternoon, she simply dissolved into Nothingness. An absolute Abyss, unconditional, yet infinite in potential. She awoke realizing her essence, and all beings, in their pure unique expression as the LOVE AFFAIR between Everything arising from Nothing in each eternal moment. All that was not who she truly was, as pure expression, dropped in that “moment”. Her art now is inspired by that opening of love and the profound union with her beloved husband.