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Perfect Bedroom Tips for Valentine’s

Amy Levine: Anything that has a little spring to it, without the squeaky sound. Keeping this in mind, the firmer the mattress, the more aches and pains you may feel as you get into fun positions. Other options like memory foam can allow you to comfortably stay in a sexy configuration for a good amount of time, but may require “more work” so to speak. Not to mention, they can make a hot and steamy encounter even hotter if the material conducts heat.

Amy Levine: High thread count sheets that are 100% cotton can enhance your Valentine’s Day encounter, making it a more sensual experience. Consider sheets that are 500 and up. If you’re on a budget, select something that feels soft to the touch, as some lower thread count products are made out of very smooth cotton.

For a comforter and blanket, your best bet is to get something that’s easy to wash, rather than something that has to be dry cleaned. A blanket is a great way to add texture to your love nest. Remember, messy bedding is a turn-off.

Amy Levine: Having sex in the dark is boring. Being able to see your partner in a subtle light amps up the erotic intensity. So, put your ceiling fixture on a dimmer. Or, get a lamp for your nightstand that has a three-way option for low, medium and bright light. Candlelight can also do the trick.

Amy Levine: Lavender and pumpkin pie are two scents that are considered to be aphrodisiacs for men, and clean smells like cucumber are said to be a turn-on for women. Find out what does it for you and your partner. By purchasing a selection of essential oils, you’ll be able to create your own Love Potion No. 9. To infuse the room, try a diffuser.

Amy Levine: A dimmer that’s on a remote control and a clock that has a subtle light display rather than something that’s glaring. You want to lose track of time and set an alarm if need be, not be reminded that you’re running late.

Amy Levine: Hopefully, you can leave your pet in another room of the house, and if you think they will be a distraction, shut the door so they can’t come in.

Kids on the other hand are another story. Ideally, you’ll want to get it on when your kids are out of the house or asleep. If you haven’t already, find time to start teaching them about privacy – yours and theirs, as well as teaching them about knocking on a closed door. And if need be, next time you want time to be intimate consider shutting or locking your door, and hopefully they’ll know to knock. Then, you can ask if it’s an emergency, and if not, calmly say you’ll be with them in a few moments.

Amy Levine: Beds that are low and high both have their own distinct advantages. Since everyone is different, think about the sex positions you like the most. Having a comfortable chair in the room can be fun for sitting positions. And, a dresser, headboard or wall can be used for leverage to maximize pleasure.

We asked Levine to list quick ways to set the stage for romance in your bedroom in 10 minutes or less. Here’s what she suggested:

– Make your bed, using any elements from other areas of the house that can make it look more inviting.

– Light candles and dim any lights.

– Put your pleasure prop box at your beside. (If you don’t have one, gather items from around the house that can be fun and sensuous, like a silk scarf to use as a blindfold or to bind, and a feathered earring to use as a tickler.)

– If you’re not an exhibitionist and you have neighbors, close the blinds or curtains.

– Play music that makes you feel sexually confident and empowered.

– Slip into something that makes you feel sexy.

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