Men Share These Inner Considerations on What Makes an Ideal Girlfriend

“What makes a gal girlfriend material?”

When it comes to getting a man to settle down with you, we’ve all heard advice like “hold out on sex” or “be unavailable.” But if that worked, nuns, Olympic athletes, and frigid work-a-holics would be like dude catnip. So, clearly, we need to go straight to the source to find out what makes a man wanna call you his girl. We asked a bunch of guys this: “What makes a gal girlfriend material?” Turns out, it isn’t a big ol’ juicy bandokandok. Their real answers might surprise you …

“A keeper is someone you feel at home around. Sex is good and all, but it’s nice when you can feel yourself around them without trying to impress them. Someone who makes me laugh is always a plus, or that we can laugh at the same stuff. Also, it’s nice to feel like I’m not the only thing that’s of interest to her, I like someone who is driven creatively and has their own thing going on. Otherwise, a lady is in danger of smothering and that’s no fun for anyone. A good lady should inspire you to be a better person, and vice versa.” – Robert, 30

“I know she’s girlfriend material when no matter what’s going on, you feel better seeing a text from her, or when she walks into the room.” – Brad, 28

“Hard to say. I think it’s personality and the way she handles herself in different situations. Someone who is high-maintenance, or can’t hang out with my friends is a no-no. So, I guess that would be it — she has to be able to hang out with my friends, but also keep her feminine side intact while doing so. And loyalty is a big thing too. Usually, when she’s hanging out with my friends, I can tell where that loyalty resides.” – Josh, 31

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Men Share These Inner Considerations on What Makes an Ideal Girlfriend

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