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In Spring 2021, Karinna Karsten launched the LOVE AROUND THE WORLD Club conversations on the iOS app, Clubhouse several times each month. This club is based on Karinna Karsten’s body of work including books, a tv pilot with the same name LOVE AROUND THE WORLD and subsequent writings and speaking engagements on the ancient and modern traditions of love and intimacy.

The Club conversations include subject matter experts discussing topics ranging from dating and relationships to self-awareness, intuition, food, global, social and cultural topics.

Regionally specific perspectives on love and matters close to our heart, help to open our minds to one another whether we are living across a city, country or the world.

These intimate discussions speak to why and how we connect, engage, build relationships, and nurture love wherever we are on the planet.

You are invited to join the Club and conversations here

Our Latest Clubhouse Event:

Join Love, Dating & Intuition Conversation
with Karinna Karsten & Alexandra Hope Flood

Love, Dating and Intuition

THURSDAY, April 29, 

Our First Clubhouse Event:

Join “Love Around The World”
with Karinna Karsten, Katharina Baron
& Magdalena Jarosz

love around the world

✔️ SATURDAY, March 20th,

Join us at the Love Around the World Club.

Love Around The World on Clubhouse

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