Join Me in the Bedroom, Your Sexy Surprise Awaits…

After returning home from my workout, I snapped a close-up detail of a pair of sexy lacy underpinnings and texted the photo to my husband. No comment required. He responded appropriately. My game was on!

More details of my fantasy evening played out whilst I indulged in a much longer than necessary shower and my morning writing assignment became fraught with distracting “flashes” of lingerie, skin, dancing, teasing, pleasuring, hot, fun, love.

After lunch I sent another image. This one featured my current task—folding laundry, but with the addition of a toy for interest. Not one of our child’s Matchbox cars, but an adult toy. Again, no comment required. My husband’s response affirmed that he too was enjoying our foreplay dally.

We returned to our respective workdays, but as the day drew on, the excitement of the approaching evening heightened.

In the interest of stoking ones sex life, I can’t recommend engaging the imagination highly enough. Everyone wins!  With the undertone of a delicious tease playing in the background of the day, “have-to do” tasks such as errands, homework, after-school sports and dinner prep stand to benefit from the addition of ones imaginative, sensual “want to do” perspective.

The old adage of “a happy wife, means a happy life” rings true, but I also consider it’s my responsibility to be the author of my own happiness.

Our last text exchange, featured an image of the aforementioned underpinnings, in a setting that would suggest they’d been enthusiastically discarded, no comment required. I hit send and then went about the business of putting our offspring to bed. My husband’s appreciation was clearly evident by his response, which served to further our alluring dance of come-ons.

Another sip and another smile, this one tinged with a hint of insider information (the envisioned finale was the culmination of my creativity after all) and loaded with the thrill of anticipation.

My stage was set, the Dutch courage had been a great call, my carefully considered wardrobe selection was working fantastically in transitioning from doting mother to the sexpot, temptress look I was aiming for and it was time to up the ante on this business of foreplay.

In keeping with the theme, I sent a final text to my patiently waiting husband in the bedroom. “Join me in the living room darling, your drink awaits.”

He arrived wordlessly, sporting nothing but a smile.

Friends and strangers alike often comment on how often I smile. My response is always the same.

“Well it’s because I have a lot to smile about.”

The business of life is busy. But consider your answer when asked the question what matters most to you?  Family? Loved Ones? Happiness? Health? Career? Don’t you owe it to yourself to honor your response? Perhaps this will inspire you to be the author of your happiness, design your own moments and create an abundance of smiles.

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Originally published in Elephant Journal

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Join Me in the Bedroom, Your Sexy Surprise Awaits…

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