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How to Make Your Long Distance Love Work

8. Trust your partner

Trust is the foundation for any positive relationship. Distance between you and your boyfriend or girlfriend can intensify trust issues. JDate dating expert, Erika Ettin, suggests coming up with defined rules around what’s permissible and what’s not since you can’t watch each other 24/7 (nor should you have to). After that, she says, you just have to trust. “Part of someone trusting you, though, is taking the time to make the other person feel special. Most jealousy and anxiety comes from no feeling secure or validated in a relationship,” she says.

9. Live your own separate lives and keep busy!

What will you talk about if you don’t each have your own lives? Exactly! Whether you’re long-distance or live together, it’s important to make sure you remain two different people who “complement but don’t complete each other,” says JDate dating expert Erika Ettin.

Spend time with people who make you happy. Get active in group fitness, volunteering, or take a new class.

The happy couple. (Photo: Micah Jesse/Instagram)

10. Don’t give up.

If your love and trust your partner, no emotional distance should come between you. Rather than giving up when you’re feeling lonely shift your perspective to how excited you are for the next time you will see your partner because you know the wait will be worth it.

While Tinder does not keep record of the total number of success stories, they receive hundreds of stories each month from people who met on the app and are now engaged, married and more, according to Rosette Pambakian, VP, Communications and Branding for Tinder. You can search #SwipedRight to find many of these amazing stories.

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