7 Tips to a Fun and Sexy Valentine’s Adventure Even Without Someone Special

  • Eat all the chocolate!

    If you’re not a fan of chocolate, I’m afraid I can’t help you. But seriously, we’re only allotted a few times a year to be really bad about our eating habits and actually get away with it guilt free. So buy yourself some stupid, heart-shaped junk chocolate, or treat yourself to a fancy, dark chocolatey concoction and eat away!

  • Go to a museum.

    People alone at museums are actually a pretty common sight, so chances are you won’t feel like a dateless “freak.” No matter what the museum, you’re pretty much guaranteed to see some really cool, interesting, weird or unique stuff and probably learn a thing or two. This will put you a step ahead of some couples that learn nothing more on Valentine’s Day than the fact that too much pasta is not an aphrodisiac.

  • Go pet some puppies or kittens!

    Many shelters and rescues will let you in to hang out in the kitten room. If you’re a volunteer this should be no problem. If you’re not a volunteer it might be tricky, because someone coming in off the street saying, “can I pet your kittens” isn’t always a sign of a stable mind. So find a friend who might benefit from having you watch their pet for the evening. If you have a pet of your own, plan a special walk or meal for them. There’s no denying the positive effect that pets can have on people. Not to mention, who doesn’t like petting soft things?!

  • Speaking of petting soft things,

    I might be a rare being in my desire for adventure, but I think it’s fun to go solo to sex clubs. Single ladies almost always get in free and it’s a great time if you’re into it. Explore your sexual wild side in a safe environment. No need to feel pressure or obligation, no means no at these places. And it’s been my experience that because they want single gal to come back often, the people who own the club will make SURE you have the best time possible, and make your safety a priority. You could just discover things about yourself that you never knew!

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7 Tips to a Fun and Sexy Valentine’s Adventure Even Without Someone Special

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