Honeymooner’s New Year’s Resolutions

A Dozen Ways to Make Love Last

When you’re in love, New Year’s Eve is one of the most romantic nights of the year. The promises you make then can go a long way toward ensuring a happy honeymoon and a solid marriage. That said, here are a dozen resolutions you may want to consider starting off the year with:

New Year’s Resolution #1:

Figure out where we want to go on our honeymoon already!

New Year’s Resolution #2:

Make reservations early so we’re sure to get the place we want on the dates we want.

New Year’s Resolution #3:

Keep my sense of humor — and understand that everything from the trip to the airport to the wedding night may surprise.

New Year’s Resolution #4:

Be smart about buying airline tickets, know in advance how much luggage we’re allowed to carry on — and how much time to allow at the airport.

New Year’s Resolution #5:

Surprise my spouse (with a game, a love letter, or silly honeymoon gift) once we settle in at our destination.

New Year’s Resolution #6:

Make sure you know the top honeymoon hacks and don’t overschedule your days.

New Year’s Resolution #7:

Set aside time each day of the vacation for myself — and respect my mate’s private moments, too.

New Year’s Resolution #8:

Remember that it’s not just me anymore. There are two of us now to consider.

New Year’s Resolution #9:

Taste something (or lots of things!) on the honeymoon that I’ve never savored before.

New Year’s Resolution #10:

Understand that even on the honeymoon we might have a fight or disagreement — but it’s not the end of the world.

We’ll get over it, move on, forgive, and continue to love one another.

New Year’s Resolution #11:

Be patient with my spouse, even if I don’t always understand his or her emotions.

New Year’s Resolution #12:

Share my hopes, my dreams, and my future with the one I love most.

Happy New Year to You, Dear Reader.

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Honeymooner’s New Year’s Resolutions

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