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Hands Free Dating: Thinking Outside the App

As we chatted further, we discovered that we were getting tempted by the sign outside the bar next door, boasting LA’s “Best Happy Hour”, so we decided to relocate to finish our discussion (this happened to be a friend I hadn’t seen in a year by the way, this isn’t how I spend every Wednesday). Over spicy margaritas, I regaled my friend with my most recent volunteer story, which led me to meet a cute, sweet, and funny guy while working with a really awesome organization that offers an after school program for children who want to write plays. The group then enlists professional adult actors to come into these schools and act out the plays for the young student writers. Brilliant! Until this point, I had always separated dating and volunteering, because the prospect of falling in love isn’t my motivation when it comes to being charitable. But as I posed to my friend, why can’t the two coincide? When I think of all the characteristics I would like in a mate, at the top of the extremely (and albeit way too long) list, is a selfless person who appreciates those less fortunate and wants to ultimately create a more loving and compassionate society.

Had I thought of this before that last volunteer experience, perhaps I would have asked that cute guy for his number. But as it was an afterthought, and as I am a massive proponent of things happening for a reason, I am now more than excited to put my experiment into practice the next time I volunteer, which just so happens to be next week, with that very same girlfriend! #staytuned