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Had Sex..But He Isn’t Calling Back? Here is Why.

After a fun and crazy night when the man does not text you back, it leaves you all puzzled and agitated. If you are wondering why your man or the guy whom you had a steamy session with is not calling or texting you back, then there can be a few reasons for the same.

In this article, we are here to share some of the reasons as to why a guy has not texted back after sleeping with you. Than fretting about the issue it is always best to wait for a while and then confront the person to know the exact reason. While you’re waiting, listed here are some of the possible reasons. Read on to know more about the reasons that help you to analyse why this happened. There is an awkward moment that makes them do this, especially when it has been a special moment for you and the guy just suddenly disappears leaving you all puzzled. So, let’s find out why men refrain themselves from texting or contacting you after a steamy hot session.

Busy With Work

Do not jump to any conclusions, as your man might be busy with work and really does not have the time to contact you. His work might keep him busy!

Feeling Awkward

He might not be feeling guilty about the whole thing but, for sure, he might be feeling awkward about what happened between you guys.

He Did Not Like It

Maybe he had certain expectations which he thinks you did not live up to which is why he is not keen on texting you back.

Is Not Serious

This might be a casual love session for him and he has moved on. This does make you feel awkward for sure but this can be one of the reasons.

Is Unwell

He may genuinely just be down with viral flu or fever and may not be in a state to talk to anybody. All you need to do is to just wait, may be he would call you back eventually!

Does Not Want To Take Responsibility

He may think that after this the relationship would get serious and he may not be ready to take the responsibility of it yet and that is why he scooted himself!

He Has Somebody Else

He realised that he already has his lady love in his life and you were just a mistake and he does not want to repeat it in his life and that is why he is not contacting you anymore.

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