Elevate Your Sex Life with Meditation

2. Meditation enables you to dissolve and resolve energy blockages.

With sexual meditation, you can get to the root of energy blockages and harness the power of the mind to help yourself clear your channels. Sexual partners can help each other overcome difficult blockages through engaging with each other in one of the most direct ways possible, truly seeing one another, without all the mental baggage that we usually bring to ourselves.

It is not that you create higher consciousness through sexual meditation, it is that you simply remove what has developed and blocked the consciousness. The less the space within you that is obscured and covered, the more you can see and bring about a higher level of pleasure, which is already in you. If sex is done with meditative awareness then you and your partner can experience shared sexual energy, without letting any of it go to waste on anxiety.

3. Meditation gives you a greater connection with yourself.

It is vital that we are fully present in our own bodies in order to enjoy the full pleasure potential of sex. There is a place you can float to during meditation called “the gap.” Deepak Chopra describes it as “the place without words.” It is there that your internal chatter ceases, (or at least quiets down), and you can reach higher consciousness.

When thoughts arise during sex, it’s easier to lose touch with the sensations of the present moment. This limits the richness and depth of the sex you are having. But when you meditate, you exercise the muscles that help you stay in the present moment, and become more in touch with the sensitivity of your body, allowing you to deeply experience every physical and emotional response.Couple Meditating

4. Meditation gives you a greater connection with your partner.

Sexual meditation increases emotional connection, and sex is always better when there is more emotional connection involved. The more you open up during sex, the more potential energy you can contain, and release, when having an orgasm.

When we get close to climaxing, we take shorter breaths and tense up our bodies. Sometimes, this lends itself to people feeling self-conscious, which ultimately makes orgasm harder to achieve. Meditation lets you let go of preconceived notions of what you think you are supposed to feel and allows you to just feel with no judgement.

If you’re interested in spirituality and waking up — on the right side of the bed — then sexual meditation is for you!

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Elevate Your Sex Life with Meditation

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