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Different Romantic Personalities. What Romantic Type Are You?

3. The Madonna:

Strengths: She is the most maternal and nurturing type. She likes to take care of all of her partner’s needs, in and out of the bedroom. She’s sexual, but in an earthier, more mysterious way.

Madonna Prototype: Blake Lively, Rosario Dawson, Drew Barrymore

Pain Points: Giving love and devotion until it hurts. She often offers too much to get approval, attention, or affection. She often doesn’t speak up and fails to set boundaries, which eventually leads to anger and resentment. If you’re a Madonna archetype, you want to be careful: This type of love can tend toward passive aggression. Though it may seem selfless, she often gives too much or doesn’t set boundaries because she has low self-esteem and is afraid she will be abandoned.

Love Language: Acts of love and devotion, such as making meals, taking care of household duties, and doing things to make her partner’s day-to-day grind run smoothly.

Perfect Date: The perfect date for the Madonna is to make a nice dinner at home, followed by giving and receiving massages.

4. The Amazon:

Strengths: She’s the alpha female—powerful, a leader, and mentally and physically sharp and focused. She can take care of herself and is usually competitive.

Amazon Prototype: Pop star Madonna, Jessica Alba, Zoe Saldana

Pain Points: Not knowing when to be vulnerable enough to receive. It can feel scary to put her guard down and allow another person in because she is afraid of abandonment. Women nowadays are trying to be strong in a masculine way and are afraid to put down their Amazonian armor because underneath is the frightened little girl who is afraid of being hurt.

Love Language: Positive affirmations. You like to be told you are loved, beautiful, smart, etc. You give and like to receive compliments and verbal affirmations of love, respect, and support from your partner.

Perfect Date: The perfect date for the Amazon includes activities that have the feeling of competition that engages thrills and pushes the edges that create endorphin rushes. Examples include sports, games, or skydiving.