Dating a Normal Guy

“Chloe.” There was enough command in his voice to cause me to look over. “Speaking as a man who has, at one point in time, been hopelessly in love with a woman, you need to tell him.”

I frowned and it was more over his comment than the prospect of speaking with Vic. “Who was this hopelessly lovable woman?”

He stepped closer and pressed a kiss on my forehead, his eyes meeting mine in the bathroom mirror. “No worries. She couldn’t hold a candle to you.”

I rolled my eyes at the sentiment but felt a burst of well-needed confidence.

“Talk to him.” He pushed the subject and I looked away from the mirror, full concentration on applying my toothpaste to my toothbrush in a proper manner.

“OK?” he poked me and I looked up with a snarl.

“Fine.” I stuck the toothbrush in my mouth, scowled at him, and the conversation was over. My anxiety, on the other hand, was spiking at a ridiculous pace.

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Dating a Normal Guy

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