Cheating, if Your Marriage Is Good but Your Sex Life Isn’t?

V: What do you think the crossover between swingers and nudists is?

F: Umm.. Well, actually, my friend who is a nudist also happens to be a swinger…

V: OK!  So I can put down 100%.

F: No, it’s not 100%.  But clearly there’s some crossover in that Venn diagram.

V: So it’s like this (places one hand on top of the other)

F: Not quite like that.

The truth is, nobody deserves to have their privacy compromised online, and ultimately, what happens in one’s love and sex life is their own and their spouse’s business.  We should all try to practice empathy and remember that out of 38 million subscribers, some of those people in danger of being exposed are your friends, co-workers, dentists, and yoga teachers.  Let those without sin and without dirty Snapchat histories cast the first stone!

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Cheating, if Your Marriage Is Good but Your Sex Life Isn’t?

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