8 Tips for Mindful Love-Making

Try surprising your partner by doing something you know they would love.  Have a bath ready with candles around it, or cover the bed with rose petals.  Have their favorite music playing, or aromatherapy oil wafting from a diffuser. Think of creative ways to set the mood for optimum lovemaking.

Ask your partner if they would like to be massaged before you hurry into lovemaking. Make sure not to rush, and to take it slow. By being fully in the present, your senses are much more alive, which makes everything you’re touching and everything you’re feeling much more enhanced.Young loving couple isolated on white

Make sure to put your partner’s pleasure before your own. Show them how much you want to please them, and let them know how much you love being with them intimately. Make them feel that they are the most desirable person in the world to you. Your passion for them ignites their own even more.

After lovemaking, hold your partner. Allow yourself to fall asleep in each other’s arms.

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8 Tips for Mindful Love-Making

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