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5 Sex Positions Women Love

Positions that feel great and ease back pain? Let’s go!

When it comes to sex, positioning is key — and the more sex positions you have in your arsenal, the better.

Of course, your sexual positions have to ensure that your girl enjoys herself, so comfort is key, especially if she suffers from regular back pain. Besides, who wants to get a cramp or feel like their kneecap’s breaking all in the name of an orgasm?

A recent study (the first of its kind) carried out at Waterloo University focused on how the spine moves during sex and tried to find the best positions that will please your partner and ease her back pain.

Basically, if your lady experiences pain after sitting for a long time, she’s flexion-intolerant, and side-by-side or doggy-style are the way to go. If, on the other hand, she feels pain when she arches her back or is down on her stomach, she’s extension-intolerant, and missionary is what you’ll want to play around with.

That said, it’s time to check out five awesome sex positions that encourage slow rhythm and a highly penetrative tempo!

Bronco Buster

This is a female superior position AKA the kind of position most guys like best.

Get into it: Whether it’s a coffee table or a lounge chair, find a place where you can lie down and let your legs hang off the edge, while your girl gets to place her legs on either side, and stand on her feet to maneuver on top of you. Place your hands on her hips while she moves up and down, side to side, or even in a figure-eight swivel.

Raising The Mast

This is a male superior position that you’re guaranteed to enjoy immensely.

Get into it: While you kneel, rest your woman’s heels against your shoulders. This position allows you to enjoy different levels of penetration. For an added bonus, place a pillow under her butt and give her an orgasm that’ll make her knees weak. Luckily, she’s lying down.

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