You Are Into Him and He’s Not….How to Say Goodbye

No point in being ‘just friends’

If he contacts you, whether it’s out of pity or guilt, don’t tell yourself it’s okay to talk every once in a while. Hoping that your love for him can maybe change into something platonic is not going to happen, at least not overnight. Just the sound of his voice will send you back to square one, and believe me, applying the cold turkey method here is probably the safest bet. Now you don’t have to start being nasty and rude to him, just distance yourself and maybe reply once to his texts and stop after that. Don’t answer his calls under any circumstances. He also needs to get the message that you’re grieving and you deserve space and time. Trust me, it’s for the best and you’ll wish you had started sooner. Getting difficult to cut-off from your ex? Have a look on How To Let Go Of A Relationship!

Let art heal your heart

Listen to music, lots of it. Good, sad, upbeat, soft, anything so long as you listen to it for the love of music and music alone. Don’t try and make connections with songs about the love that got away, just sit back and immerse yourself in the joy that listening to music brings to people. Watch your favorite movies or series. Grab some popcorn and become a couch potato for the weekend. One girl I know got over the guy she loved by literally just watching back to back episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S for an entire week. She later told us it was the best week she had had in a long time. So something here definitely works when you’re the victim of unrequited love. So what’re you waiting for? Grab your DVD and popcorn and let the party begin. Olwomen recommends you to watch these inspiring movies to uplift your potential.

Take a break and catch a holiday

There’s always something or the other that holds us back from taking a mini holiday, be it work or exams or just conflicting schedules. Now would be the time to treat yourself to that vacation you were dreaming of. Maybe you dreamt about going with the love of your life, but hey! There are always other special people you can go with. It could be your best friend, your siblings or even your mom. Imagine all the bonding you’ll get to do on this holiday with the person who’s always been right there for you from the start. Most importantly, sometimes physically getting away from the area where he lives is essential. Even if it’s for a couple of days, being away from the place where all the heartbreak took place and exploring new and exciting places can sometimes be the answer to coping with lost love.

Out with old, in with the new!

If you realize that the two of you had a lot of stuff in common, like similar interests and a lot of mutual friends, then it’s not going to be as easy to get over them. There’s always going to be a friend who’ll mention his name unintentionally, or you might bump into him at the local bar where you both hang out a lot. Seeing him every time will bring back memories of dejection and sadness all over again. You may think about going into hibernation altogether but there’s a better option. There are probably thousands of friendly people out there waiting to get to know you, or just to meet new people. You need to change your outlook and step up your social ladder. You don’t have to lose your good friends who happen to be his friends too, I’m sure they’ll understand what you’re trying to do. There’s always time to meet new people and adopt new hobbies, you’ve just got to have the right attitude and tell yourself you can do it. In short, keep yourself so busy that you barely have time to stop and feel sorry for yourself.

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You Are Into Him and He’s Not….How to Say Goodbye

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