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Women Wish Men Knew these 50 Sex Tips

    • Choose your moment; women need to be in the mood for sex.
    • Slow and steady often wins the race.
    • Shower sex washes away natural lubrication and can get awkward; practice on dry land first.
    • Try leaning back whilst thrusting; it’s instantly improve the angle & feeling for her.
    • There is no one perfect position. Some women like doggy style, others like missionary. Find out what she likes best.
    • Laugh. Bodies make noises so turn any awkwardness into part of the fun,
    • Use a condom!
    • Explore her body; sensitive areas like her neck, he ear lobes & her inner thighs.
    • Communicate. If you want to try something new, tell your partner, don’t be shy.
    • Sex is much better on top of the covers NOT under the. Throw that bedcover on the floor. NOW!!!
    • Use a pillow to prop up her hips for added stimulation.
    • If she says she’s about to come….. don’t stop.
    • Eat watermelon – it’s a natural viagra.
    • Not every woman wants you to go down on her. Let’s not assume.
    • Being naked is nerve-wracking in front of someone you like. Be complimentary.
    • Massage the area around her clitoris. The clitoris is incredibly sensitive – pressing it will be uncomfortable. This way you indirectly stimulate her internal clitoris – science y’all! 
    • Don’t assume she likes doggy style. Ask her first!