Train Your Love Muscles with More Than Kegels

Working out in the gym will help your love muscles sing!

Boost your stamina and flexibility in the gym so can reap the benefits in the bedroom.

Increased stamina, improved flexibility, and stronger, firmer muscles — all great fitness goals that also happen to have long-lasting (ahem) benefits outside of the gym. Yep, we’re talking about your sex life.

You’ve heard that kegels are key to your sexual pleasure, and that’s because they engage and strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor. This area is your sexual foundation. It provides support for your pelvis and organs, and when strong, it can enhance your orgasms. But, kegels aren’t the only way to train these muscles.

This routine, developed by Roya Siroospour, the regional fitness Director for Miami Crunch Gym who is known for her sexy-and-strong classes, focuses on exercises that will maximize your pleasure. “These moves strengthen your pelvic floor, allowing for more control over your orgasms, while also engaging other important muscles used during sex,” Siroospour says.

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Train Your Love Muscles with More Than Kegels

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