The Anniversary Letter

Mother, your husband texted me last night after I asked him if he was going to propose to you again, saying: “Yes. On my knees. In front of the whole wide world- cause she is the best woman a man could find”. So yes, he clearly really loves you.

I think after hearing this, mum, you must be rest assured that I could not have asked for a better mother. No, I don’t think I would ever want any of my friends mothers. Cause you are the coolest, most supportive and trusting out of all. And yes, I do consider you like my best friend. I hope you will be less insecure about this from now on and stop asking me this awkward question from time to time.

25 years; 300 moths; 9125 days; 219000 hours; 13140000 minutes; 788400000 seconds is a hell of a long time. I have no idea how you two have managed to stick together for so long, however there is clearly something special about the way you’ve made it work for as long as what seems like a lifetime. If any of you are wondering; no i didn’t do this calculation myself. Somehow my mother wasn’t able to pass down her exceptional skills in Math, despite it being her major in college. It was always my dad who had to do the teaching part. Sorry mother, I wish to believe I got dad’s brains. But still, I am truly grateful for the chinky eyes you successfully managed to pass on to me.

To sum it up, you two are an insane couple that wouldn’t have worked better with anyone else. Daddy, thank you for moving back from the US; leaving all those ‘hot’ L.A. women to prove your love for my mother and for creating this wonderful family. I couldn’t have asked for a better set of parents. You two are a perfect match and I’m truly blessed and honored to be the daughter of such a perfect couple.

Love you.


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The Anniversary Letter

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