True Love Lessons from Sierra: Be Yourself

Do you believe true love exist? I do.

I’m Sierra. My Husband Andre and I were the first couple to win Knot Dream Wedding.

Follow me as I share how I attracted true love into my life. I’ll share tips and stories that help open your heart to all love’s possibilities.

We’re going to share lots of love stories.

Episode 5. Be Yourself.

Hola from Costa Rica!

sierra mercierThe right person for you is going to fall in love with you for who you are just as you are. We know that when we first start seeing someone, we all put on our best face and for good reason.

You want to show that person your best self. That’s all good. But if you continue to be anyone than yourself, you may end up attracting the wrong person. Me personally, I’m kind of a goofball. In past failed relationships, I often tried to be what I thought that person wanted me to be. Which wasn’t myself.

Or, I’d try to be myself, and it’d turned that person off. With Andre however, we were living as roommates so I had no choice but just be myself right from the beginning. I really think that’s what allowed him to fall in love with me just as I am. Not me pretending to be who I thought he wanted me to be. But just silly me!

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From around the world!

How a Little Bit of Appreciation Can Change Everything in Love


True Love Lessons: Appreciation

I believe it has the ability to transform and heal ANYTHING!

Appreciation in a partnership is something that can revolutionized your relationship.

Do you ever find yourself dwelling on the things you feel your partner did wrong or maybe didn’t do at all? The next time one of those thoughts arises immediately turn your focus to something you appreciate about your partner. The more you do this, the more all you will see are the things you appreciate.

This little exercise isn’t meant to replace dialogue or communication in any way. It’s only meant to get your mind in the mode of appreciating. Which, like I mentioned earlier can TRANSFORM AND HEAL ANYTHING!

You can incorporate appreciation into every aspect of your life. Appreciate your body and all the incredible workings it contains.

..the safe roof over your head… the food you put on your table or your clean running water…

…the shoes on your feet…

I promise you, once you get started on this list, it will be pages, and pages long.

Expanding our appreciation causes everything around us to glow with LOVE!

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