Andre and I had the opportunity this winter to travel through Canada celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary, where we combined our artistic talents to create “Butterfly” in stunning Lake Louise, Alberta.

The concept for Butterfly came to me when I saw a pair of beautiful, hand painted silk wings at an art fair. I immediately pictured in my mind how exquisite they would be floating across the ice. Since figure skating has been such a huge part of my life, it’s always been a dream to skate on a frozen lake. I thought, what better place to become a butterfly on ice than a frozen lake!

The meaning and symbolism of Butterfly is “transformation”. “My goal with this film was to express how everyone of us has the ability to reveal our butterfly self. If we go inward and awaken to our true nature, we can transform into the most beautiful version of ourselves; similar to the metaphor of winter always changing to spring There may be parts of us or things in our lives that feel cold, challenging, dormant, frozen but the laws of nature tell us that Spring never fails to follow Winter, and therefore, we have the potential to emerge from our cocoon, spread our beautiful wings and fly with more vibrancy and love to express in our lives.”

Become a Butterfly with us.