Missionary Sex: Why It’s the Unsung Hero of Lovemaking

The Missionary Position has gotten a bad rep among the human race and I can’t determine why exactly. Could it be the confusing religious connotations of the name and the god-fearing history behind it? Could it be simply personal preference? Could it be that it reminds us of juvenile, inexperienced, naive love? When we couldn’t locate the clitoris if our lives depended on it and we had to keep our moaning to a whisper because our parents were sleeping down the hall. When our orgasms were ultra mysterious, in the sense that we had no idea what triggered them or how to hit that invisible button.

Whatever the reason, it is a common held belief that missionary is rather uninventive. Unoriginal. Uninspired. Unappealing. Unsexy. Unfun. Some think it’s the dullest way for two individuals to climax into ecstasy together. In my early romps of youth, I was told by many a compadre to “spice things up” in the boudoir. “You can’t just keep doing missionary forever. There are so many BETTER positions out there”, they would proclaim loudly with large, erotic gestures. I was intrigued by these “better positions” they spoke of and hoped the new, glamorous internet would lead me to dangerous, mind-blowing, Cruel Intentions level intercourse.

I turned on my desktop and discovered a smorgasbord of positions that looked highly titillating and highly awkward. I wrote them on a notepad and began to check them off one by one as I experimented with sexual partner(s). But to my dismay none of ‘em did the trick for me. Sure, a few were enjoyable enough. Even pleasurable and I could definitely partake in them for a period of ten minutes straight without discomfort. But I couldn’t find a replacement favourite. No matter how hard I tried I kept coming back to old, reliable horizontal body on top of horizontal body. That was six years ago and it continues to be my position of choice today. I will defend that style of quote unquote, uninventive, unoriginal, uninspired, unappealing, unsexy, unfun lovemaking until the minute that I die. I think missionary is the bees knees and there is nothing wrong with that.

But even though I’m confident in my opinions, I often get asked “WHY?” by friends when I reveal this information about myself. It perplexes certain folks, so, I’d like to state, for the record, WHY indeed missionary is my beloved number one.

Couple having sex, female hand grabbing sheet

The Eye Contact

I found in my experimentation days of yonder that the majority of naughty, wild, contortionist movements lacked face to face action. There was a good deal of back to chest action. Butt to crotch action. Head to foot action. But our eyelashes were rarely having a party. And that was unfortunate ‘cause I prefer to be able to look deep into the pupils of my lovah always and forever. Eyes are hot, baby. What can I say?

The Body Contact

Another feature of the “popular with high school students” position is that the bulk of your skins are rubbing up against each other a whole heck of a lot. Doggy style is a remotely okay time but I feel super distant from the person thrusting and holding my hips from behind. I’m more present and I find that my partner is more present because I’m more present when our whole bods are in mega close proximity to each other and our gross sweat blends into one stinky puddle.

The Clit Contact

I have read that there are superior places to put your pieces for clitoris stimulation but me lying flat on my back with my legs wrapped around the gentleman I am coitusing gets my clit buzzing like nothing else (other than cunnilingus of course – technically my favourite position is a man’s face in my vulva). I don’t orgasm via penetration but the moments I have gotten the closest have consistently been due to the “work of the lord” aka MISSIONARY, HELLO.

The Emotional Contact

And with eyes and bodices and clits comes the overflow of brain feels and oxytocin bonding between my head and the individual on top of me’s head. Intercourse is an intimate experience for moi, as it is for a hefty portion of the population, and when affection levels are tall my hormonal bliss levels are equally as tall. I’m not saying non-missionary-fornifcation can’t be emotional, but for me, my heart beats stronger and louder when I’m doing it like I’m sun tanning on a beach and the beach is my bed and the sun is a penis.

Lusty Couple In Bed

The Hugging Contact

I adore the sensation of orgasming and making others orgasm. When that occurs in missionary I can proceed to canoodle, embrace, and lock post-sex arms (more noodle like than regular arms). This can be achieved with some adjusting in other positions but it will take a minute or two to arrive at your destination. I prefer immediacy with my exhausted, extremely content, grateful after-copulation cuddling. That’s kinda the best part in my opinion so let’s get to it already.

Flow Contact

Ballet classes gave me trouble as a tween and my rhythm continues to be off today. When my muscles are doing junk that they were not designed to do my whole body goes into shock. You might be capable of putting this there and sticking that here and I honestly applaud you. I am impressed because that is not a possibility in my realm. I am comfortable in missionary and with comfortability comes excellent flow. And with excellent flow comes me being in rhythmic sync with the sentient creature inside me.

Experimentation Contact

I know. I have denounced experimentation this entire time BUT I am truly not against it in the least. Thing is, you can do research and development WITHIN mish (abbreviation for the non-with-it peeps). Your legs can go up, your arms can go back, and your butt can levitate off the duvet. Just because it seems plain Jane, doesn’t mean Jane can’t let loose on the weekends or the weekdays or holidays or days that only exist in leap years. Jane can toss her leg behind her head like she’s a professional gymnist or somethin’ whenever she wants.

I rest my case. Missionary FTW, y’all.


Shower Sex Positions

Let’s face it. Shower sex is as easy as fitting a king sized bed in a New York City apartment. Unless your shower is the size of a walk in closet, your options are limited. 

Here are four positions that can make shower sex more fun.

1. Manos en la Pared (Hands on the Wall)

Stand up straight with your hands against the wall and legs spread slightly. Your man will enter you from behind. Tip: Be sure to aim your shower head as downward as possible so the water isn’t hitting you guys directly in the face. That can be distracting and things will get really wet — not in a good way.

2. Afeitado? (Shaving?)

Know how you lift your leg up and set it at the edge of the tub to shave? That’s an awesome sex position (tried and true, just saying)! Just make sure you have something to grip on. You don’t want to fall out and get a head injury or something.

3. La Silla (The Seat)

This one always works and you don’t risk busting your ass in a slippery bath tub. Have him sit down with his legs stretched out or slightly bent at the knee if he’s tall. Straddle him and go to town. The water hitting your back lightly will feel extra good.

4. Hacia Arriba (Straight Up)

Stand up straight with your back against the wall, lift one leg up and wrap it around his lower back. Tip: It will be easier for him to have full control if he presses his hands against the wall you’re leaning on.

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7 Intoxicating Sex Positions

For those times when you want to get a little bit ~intimate~.

Sometimes all you want is the kind of daring, delightfully dirty sex that would make Christian Grey wonder what the eff he’d gotten himself into. But on other occasions, you may prefer something that feels a little more emotionally raw, like you and your partner have fused into one amazing-sex-having being. Here, seven positions to try when you’re craving the sexual equivalent of the heart-eyed emoji.

1. Spooning

If you’re the big spoon, you get to play the role of the protector. As the little spoon, you feel enveloped in a cocoon of sexiness and security. Another point in this position’s corner: when you’re on the inside, your partner can try manual stimulation, penetration, or both if that’s what you’re into. Double duty is always a winner.

Netflix via shawshankedbylindsey.tumblr.com

2. Wraparound

Change things up from missionary position by wrapping your legs around your partner’s back so you can draw them in deeper. Not knowing where one of you ends and the other begins can translate into sex so good, you’re tempted to walk down the street with a megaphone and broadcast a play-by-play.

3. Sideways

It’s the face-to-face version of spooning, so you have the added benefit of being able to gaze into each other’s eyes, thus getting one step closer to peak sappiness. If you’re feeling inspired enough to turn your session into something sweeter than even the best of desserts, you can caress your partner’s face and whisper all the things that usually feel too intimate to say. Chances are they’ll return the favor.

4. Starfish

Yes, Marnie had a bad experience with a version of this on Girls (remember Booth Jonathan and the sassy doll?), but it can still result in electric sex with the right person. To get there, lie on your back, extending your arms and legs like you know you’re the prettiest starfish in the sea. Beckon your partner over and ask them to lie on top of you, matching each of their limbs up with yours. It’ll feel like you’re touching every inch of each other, and as a bonus, you can do a lot of kissing.

Pixar via mund0-meu.tumblr.com

5. Modified Doggy

This simple variation on doggy style can bring you closer, both literally and figuratively. Lie flat on your stomach and have your partner position themselves between your legs to enter from behind, or reach down with their hand. You’ll get full-body contact, and an easy turn of your head makes it possible to kiss throughout the action.

6. Straddling

Ask your partner to sit with crossed legs, then settle in on top of them, wrapping your legs around their hips. You’ll both benefit from the eye contact, and if you’re having sex with a guy, it’s tough to do regular old in-and-out thrusting. No matter who you’re trying this out with, you can rely on grinding and friction instead. It’s like switching from hyped up hip-hop to smooth R&B, except during sex so it’s way more fun.

7. However you like it!

Maybe you think the above moves are perfectly nice, but what really makes you feel more in love is submitting to someone else during role-play or looking down into their eyes while you do your thing on top. Even more than certain positions, vulnerability is what ups the emotional ante during sex. Something that seems hardcore to one person might translate into major swooning for you, and vice versa. In that case, the only thing you can do to figure it all out is lots of experimenting. Who knew homework could be so much fun?

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