Get It Girl Interview with Relationship A.I. Founder, Karinna Karsten

Watch Get It Girl as they interview Relationship A.I. Founder, Karinna Karsten

Learn how Karinna came up with Relationship A.I. tracker app and discover how it will improve your dating life.

Track Your Dating Life. Build Smarter Relationships.

Get It Girl: Welcome to another day of Get It Girl. We have a very cool show for you on today’s Girl Talk. We’re going to speak with the founder of Relationship A.I., Karinna Karsten about the art of loving, because honestly, it’s an art and a science, if you ask me. Yes all of that and more here.

Please welcome, the founder of Relationship A.I., Karinna. How are you?

Karinna: I am fabulous. I’m so happy to be here with you guys.

Get It Girl: Yes you definitely dressed for love.

Karinna: So, Relationship A.I. is a new dating tracking app. So, if you’re actively dating, whether that’s someone you met in person or on an app or more than one app, this is your relationship buddy that you can actually start to make sense of all you’re dating activity, and see your dating progression through adding your matches, adding your interactions and then you evaluate each and every experience from text to a date and we give you data feedback to tell you how well it’s actually going. So, you can make your best relationship decisions.

Get It Girl: We so often just, we tend to just change the facts right? Because we’re emotionally involved. We’re like, but then your app will be like…

Karinna: You can add your friends and they don’t even need to be dating, so that, you can see the process exactly, and they can give you feedback.

Get It Girl: Oh my gosh! Karina, thank you so much. I mean we could talk all day about them.

Karinna: Yes.

Get It Girl: How can people find you online? So, they can learn more about relationship and Love TV.

Karinna: Sure. or


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