New Relationship’s First Christmas Gift-Giving Tips

Tips for the new love in your life.

A few of us this year switched our Facebook relationship statuses from “Single” to “In A Relationship.” If that’s you, congrats! Love is a nifty thing, and we all should cherish it, especially as the holiday season comes around.

But as the gift-giving season fast approaches, some may be confused at how to treat holiday gifts when the relationship is new. What do you get your new significant other that’s undeniably romantic, but not too much?

Liz Parker, a couple and family therapist based in Maryland, suggests perhaps having a discussion in advance so both of your expectations are known.

“Gifts don’t have to be expensive. You can be creative and thoughtful without spending a lot of money,” Parker told MTV News. “Maybe decide to do a fun activity together. Sharing a mutual experience is a great way to build connection in any relationship!”

Here are other things to consider while buying gifts for brand-spankin’-new relationship.

    1. Put thought into it


      The best gifts are ones that come from a thoughtful place. The best gift I ever received was from someone who bought me this Kiel James Patrick bracelet — and all because I randomly posted it on my Pinterest board months before about how I was dying to have it.

      Pay attention to any problems they’ve talked about and get them something that will help fix it.

    2. Make your gift an experience

      Teen couple skate on lake, boy provides assistance

      If you make your gift an excuse to spend time together, all the better for the relationship. Going ice skating will do — especially if you live close enough to romantic comedy staple Rockefeller Center.

    3. Don’t go overboard


      Psychology Today notes that a too-expensive a gift too early in the relationship can feel like a bribe. It can also seem like you’re coming on too strong.

      Setting a price point with your partner and finding a great gift will actually show how creative you are, too. If he’s mentioned that he’s sick of his shaving cream, get him this kit from The Art of Shaving.


4. But don’t go under-board, either


A good way to find this sweet spot is to discuss it. “This helps avoid awkwardness or disappointment between you and your partner if you have different ideas about holidays and gift giving,” Parker says. “Communication is critical to avoid hurt feelings and disappointment.”

Try getting something reasonable-yet-thoughtful like the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook and offer to help make Cauldron Cakes and Butterbeer together.

5. Be unique

lampWorld Market

You don’t need to break the bank to impress someone. If you know that summer is their favorite season, get them something incredibly unique to remind them of that year-round like this firefly lamp.

6. Don’t wait till the last minute

Feeling the kitchen heatGetty

Don’t. ? Buy. ? Them. ? A. ? Gift. ? Certificate. ? Even something universal like a couple’s cooking class would be a great way to spend time together.

7. Don’t stress, either

Portrait of a young couple kissing over their meal at a diner, London, United KingdomGetty

Something small but from the heart like a dinner for two at a restaurant where you shared a moment goes a lot further than you might think.

This is the first Christmas of hopefully many more to come, so don’t stress *too* much over a gift. If the relationship is worth it, it will show in whatever you do.

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