Watch 2yr Relationship in 5 Minute Video

Everyone cycling through relationships searching for ‘the right one’ knows this story. The characters, stage, and costumes may change but the story is basically the same: from attraction, excitement, connection, and joy to disillusion, boredom, annoyance, argument, and separation. Then, there you are, looking to do the whole thing all over again!

Why can’t we all just find our ‘Ms. or Mr. Right’ and spare ourselves all that agony? Perhaps if we could just somehow know in advance if we’re barking up the wrong tree… A warning would be nice. A label would do. Maybe on a scale like, “Excellent Match, Good Partner but Won’t Last, and DANGER – Escape Quickly with Caution”.

We can gain greater skill at choosing a significant partner wisely and a greater capacity to build meaningful loving relationships. It does require self-reflection and relationship muscles.

Enjoy the process of getting to know yourself and loving your partner.