She Desires You

An empowering concept involves “responsive female sexual desire”. Rather than using the male model of spontaneous erections, sexual fantasies, and desire for orgasm, the woman realizes that often she begins an encounter at neutral and as she is responsive to touching and being touched and  open to her and his emotional needs; she experiences desire. Her desire is responsive to intimacy and pleasure. As importantly she has choices, including choosing a synchronous intercourse experience (an optimal outcome). In addition, she has the freedom to enjoy a sensual encounter, a synchronous or asynchronous erotic encounter, or hold him while he stimulates himself to orgasm. Freedom, choice, and unpredictability facilitate sexual desire.

Sexually, one size never fits all. This motivating, empowering approach involves the woman valuing her unique sexual voice and their couple sexual style of desire, pleasure, eroticism, and satisfaction.

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She Desires You

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