New Chivalry… Here’s What to Look For

7. He offers you his jacket when you’re cold.

I grew up watching rom-coms, and seeing the guy give the girl his jacket always made me smile. I’m freezing on a regular basis, and I hate it. If a guy is willing to brave the cold and give me his cozy means of protection so I can feel warmer, I can’t even express the amount of gratitude.

8. He pulls the car around when it’s raining.

It takes a long time for us to do hair and makeup. We’d rather keep it intact, you know? Enough said.

9. He steps in during awkward situations.

My friend found herself riding a bus a few weeks back with a guy nearby who was “creeping on her,” so to speak. Another man, a perfect stranger, stepped in and got Creepy Guy to back off. Sometimes, it’s hard to break away from awkward situations like that. As women, we like to feel safe, like someone has our backs. When a guy goes out of his way to help a lady, it’s pretty much our favorite chivalrous gesture.

10. He cares about your opinions and shows respect.

Women know when we’re being taken seriously. We can tell when a guy wants to know more about us, more about what we believe, and more about how we think and react. We can tell when a man values our opinions and respects what we bring to the table in any stage of a romantic relationship. It’s what we look for most in a guy, and how we know when we’ve met our match

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New Chivalry… Here’s What to Look For

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